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Dallas Cowboys 2016 Mock Draft

Thanks to the wonderful people at FanSpeak I was able to do a complete draft for the Dallas Cowboys. This site allows you to make selections for your favorite team through a generated full seven round mock NFL draft through their wonderful draft simulator. The best part is, the picks and rankings are based off of whatever site you feel most comfortable trusting. I did mine based off of CBS Sports (because NFL.com hasn’t updated their rankings for 2 weeks).

I also took into account who the Cowboys had in for visits and my personal preferences of course.

So here it is: My Dallas Cowboys 2016 Mock Draft.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.40.30 PM

Jalen Ramsey of course is my pick at four.

In the second round wide receiver Will Fuller fell to the Cowboys at 34 and he’d be a great pick. I was torn because defensive end Kevin Dodd was also available and he would fill a need but I had to go Fuller here. His speed and quickness to go alongside Dez Bryant would give Dallas that second playmaker at wide receiver that they desperately need. This is also a need since Terrance Williams will be a free agent at the end of next season.

In the third round I was surprised Derrick Henry fell to 67. I’ve seen some reports that Henry could fall to the third round but I didn’t really think it would happen. But according to CBS Sports this is a real possibility. So Henry was the obvious choice in round three.

In the fourth round I took some chances. With the 101st pick I took Jaylon Smith. The outside linebacker was projected in the top five before is horrible injury that will sideline him for all of next season. He is worth taking a chance on in the fourth round if you look at the big picture. If he comes back as half of what he was then he could still be a contributor for a winning team. If he comes back as the dominant player he once was then you got a steal in the fourth round.

I also took Dak Prescott in the fourth round. It’s no secret the Cowboys are in love with Prescott. The Cowboys had him in for the maximum amount of workouts possible and have hinted towards drafting him. He would be an excellent backup for Romo and i believe he will be the best quarterback in this draft.

The Cowboys have four sixth round picks and will likely move them for others, to possibly move up in the draft. But if they stay where they are, I chose a couple of defensive ends for depth and two former TCU standouts that the Cowboys have had in for workouts. Green could be a good back and possible practice squad player that could make the team if Dunbar isn’t what he used to be, and Kindred is a dark horse to make the team if drafted because of his versatility. He could be a good special teams player for Dallas and backup safety.

Well, there it is. My Cowboys mock draft.

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How The Mavs Can Shock The World

I sort of made my bed this past week and now I have to lay in it. I picked the Mavs to beat the Thunder in seven games in the first round of the playoffs and it looks like I might’ve been completely out of my mind after the Mavs got embarrassed on Saturday in the worst playoff loss in franchise history.

The Mavericks hold a special place in my heart. Call me crazy, but every year I feel like they have a chance to do the impossible and win it all.

Coming into the playoffs I wouldn’t have given Dallas a chance against anyone. Especially against any of the top four teams in the West.

But, after that six-game winning streak to secure a playoff spot, I saw something in these Mavericks that I hadn’t seen all year… Heart.

The key component to finding that “heart”… was rookie forward Justin Anderson.

mr anderson gif.gif

Justin Anderson aka Simba showed us all why he should be on the floor for long stretches of every game. His tenacity on the boards, his unmatched energy, and his passion for doing the little things is what helped these older guys find their heart.


But he was not allowed to do that last game as he didn’t receive any meaningful minutes in that disgusting game until it was too late.

When Chandler Parsons went out with his season-ending injury it was a blessing in disguise for Dallas. This allowed Justin Anderson to get minutes and allowed Dallas to see if they’d found something with their 1st round pick.

Parson’s injury has also allowed there to be more ball movement and better match-ups defensively because Parson’s was a ball-stopper on offense and Anderson is a much better defender. He just seemed to be a better fit for this Dallas team and I thought Rick Carlisle realized that.

But I was wrong.

Last game Dallas rolled out this starting lineup.

PG – D. Williams (Hurt)

G – J.J. Barea (hurt)

F – W. Matthews

F – D. Nowitzki

C – S. Mejri

How did Dallas expect to keep up with two of the top five players in the game today (Westbrook and Durant) with this lineup?

The Mavs zone was picked apart very early on and Oklahoma City won the game pretty much in the first quarter.

How The Mavs Can Shock The World: 

For starters, here’s who should be the starters:

PG – R. Felton

SG – W. Matthews

SF – J. Anderson

PF – D. Nowitzki

C – Z. Pachulia

Deron Williams looks like he’ll be out with a sports hernia so Raymond Felton who has done a great job for the Mavs this year should be the obvious choice to start in his place.

J.J. Barea is out as well so instead of staying small the Mavs should get bigger. Start with Felton on Westbrook but in a couple of minutes put Matthews on Westbrook. Throwing different defenders at him may not stop him but with Westbrook you can only hope to slow him down.

Now on to the matchup of the game:

Justin Anderson vs. Kevin Durant

Obviously Durant is the superior player versus Anderson, but Anderson’s lack of court time is actually an advantage in this situation. He understands that Durant is one of the best players in the league but he’s so young and athletic that he will go all out on the defensive end and solely focus on slowing down Durant and he doesn’t have the mileage on his body to where he would tire out. He could hound Durant up and down the court the entire game. Now I don’t think he will neutralize Durant in any way but he is the Mavericks best bet at keeping Durant out of the paint.

Another big matchup to look out for is:

Zaza Pachulia vs. Enes Kanter

I have Zaza in my starting lineup tonight for the Mavs but I still think he will match-up with Kanter at some point in this game. Look for Dallas to try to keep Oklahoma City out of the paint this game as Dallas was out-rebounded 56-33 last game and they will look to make those numbers not so far apart. If Pachulia and the rest of the Mavs “big-men” can keep Oklahoma City off the glass then Dallas has a chance.

It’s a tough task but if the Mavs can somehow come out here and even up the series 1-1, then this may just be the formula to do it.

Formula Recap:

1.) Play Anderson

2.) Keep Oklahoma City off the glass

3.) Play with some heart.

Tip-off is @ 7:00 p.m. CT on TNT.

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Titans, Rams Trade Puts Cowboys in Great Position On Draft Day

The Los Angeles Rams wasted no time making a big splash in their new city. In the biggest draft trade since they were on the receiving end of multiple picks in 2012, the Rams acquired the number one pick in this years’ NFL Draft from the Tennessee Titans.

Trade Breakdown: 

Tennessee trades its first (No. 1) along with its fourth- (No. 113) and sixth-round (No. 177) picks this year to the Rams in exchange for Los Angeles’ first-round pick (No. 15), two second-round selections (Nos. 43 and 45) and a third-round pick (No. 76) in 2016. The Titans also will get the Rams’ first- and third-round picks in 2017.

Apparently this trade was already in place to be made last night but the Rams waited to announce it because of #MambaDay. Yes. Kobe not only broke twitter last night, but he halted news of the biggest NFL trade of the year.

Let’s take a moment to recognize what we all witnessed last night.

Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in the final game of his career. Kobe Bryant took 50 shots to do so. Kobe Bryant scored 15 points in the final three minutes to spark a 17-2 run and a come from behind victory. Kobe Bryant’s 60 points was the most by any player this season.

And oh yeah, the Warriors won 73 games and broke the single season wins record…

Kobe’s performance was the best thing I’ve ever seen in the most meaningless game of all-time. That was the greatest exit in sports history.

Ok Back to The Trade: 

The great Adam Scheffer of ESPN has said that the Rams are leaning towards drafting former California quarterback Jared Goff with the number one pick.

This would make the draft very interesting.

It’s been widely speculated that the Cleveland Browns wanted to take a quarterback with their number two pick even though they signed Robert Griffin III this offseason. The quarterback that the Browns are believed to have liked the most is former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz.

If this were to happen and Goff and Wentz go one and two then that would be the best possible scenario for the Dallas Cowboys. Because then the best two available players in this year’s draft would fall right into your lap.

Left Tackle Laremy Tunsil formerly of Ole Miss and defensive back Jalen Ramsey of Florida State are the best two players in this draft. Both of these guys were considered to be in play at number one had Tennessee kept the pick. Now they may fall to the Cowboys.

Jalen Ramsey has been on many ESPN shows today stating he would love to come to the Cowboys. He considers himself a cornerback (although he’s willing to play safety), he says the Cowboys could play him at cornerback immediately.

Also Ramsey has said that he hasn’t had much contact with Cleveland. They called him once but that’s about it. It seems they have their heart set on drafting a quarterback.

So what will San Diego do at number three?

Either way if the Cowboys are smart, they can’t lose.

Draft Ramsey and add him with Scandrick, Jones, and Claiborne to form a pretty good secondary. Or Draft Tunsil and move him to right tackle and turn the best offensive line in football to the greatest offensive line of all-time.

There’s no telling what’ll happen April 28th but one thing is for sure.. This whole thing just got a whole lot more interesting.

Thanks for reading!

The J. Bright Show – S2: Ep. 5

In this episode of The J. Bright Show, I talk about all things Super Bowl including Halftime and the Commercials, a possible trade for the Mavs, and why Wade Phillips has the best tweets on Twitter. All that and more in this week’s episode of The J. Bright Show.

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– J. Bright



Cowboys Backup Quarterback Wishlist: RGIII vs Johnny Football

We’re not even a week removed from the Dallas Cowboys horrible 4-12 season and yet the speculations and rumors about next season have already begun.

Today Yahoo Sports reported that Robert (RGIII) Griffin would like to become a member of the Dallas Cowboys next season if released from Washington.

wade phillips.gif

The former 2nd overall pick in the 2012 draft was once considered to have the potential as being one of the next elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

Here’s how Griffin’s career has gone so far:
  •  After being a superstar three-sport athlete in high school, Griffin took his talents to Baylor.
  • Griffin won many awards while at Baylor including the Heisman Trophy in 2011.
  • In 2012 Griffin was drafted by the Washington Footballers with the 2nd overall pick.
  • Griffin won Offensive Rookie Of The Year in 2012.
  • Griffin suffered a horrific injury to his knee late in the season tearing his LCL and ACL.
  • In 2013 Griffin didn’t have the same success as his rookie year and caught a lot of criticism from the media
  • In 2014 Jay Gruden was hired as the new head coach of the Washington team and there was a QB controversy in Washington between Griffin and Colt McCoy. But after McCoy was injured Griffin became the starter again and the team finished with a 4-12 record.
  • In 2015 Gruden seemed to make an example out of Griffin for undisclosed reasons and benched him for Kurt Cousins. Griffin went on to sit out the rest of the season.

Here we are now in 2016 and the Cowboys have a possibility of bringing in the once great RGIII.

But wait…

There’s another guy that the Cowboys are supposedly interested in. A guy with the same college achievements and similar hype.

Johnny Freaking Football! The legendary party machine Johnny Manziel has been linked to the Cowboys since draft day 2014 when Jerry Jones and co. decided to pass on him and select Zach Martin in the first round. It has seemed like the right move, as Martin has been a pro-bowl selection in his first two seasons but with the lack of depth at the quarterback position, some have criticized the Cowboys for not selecting Manziel.

Well now Jerry Jones may get a do-over and be able to sign Johnny Manziel if Cleveland releases him.

The biggest difference in Manziel and Griffin is that Griffin has proven that he can be productive at the next level, while Manziel has struggled more often than not. But could Manziel be better in another system?

Below I will lay out the arguments for both quarterbacks: 

Argument for RGIII: 
RG Cowboy
Measurements: 6 ft. 2 in. – 222 lbs.

Numbers Don’t Lie:
  • College Stats – Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.47.41 PM
  • NFL Stats – Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.44.50 PM

Experience: Griffin is clearly the more experienced of the two quarterbacks. As mentioned previously he was named Offensive Rookie of The Year in 2012 and was a starter for almost three seasons in the NFL. The only question mark on Griffin is if he can return to his 2012 form in which he had a 20 to 5 touchdown to interception ratio and a 102.4 passer rating.

Quick Scouting Report: Just using the eye-test and not breaking down any film on Griffin I can see the potential for greatness. He has all the tools needed to be a great NFL quarterback: strong arm, pocket presence, quick feet, quick release, and good awareness. There is a few easily fixable problems in his game though. He sometimes waits too long in the pocket before making a decision, leading him to get hit a lot more than he should. He also scrambles too often. I think this was him being a product of the system he was in, in Washington but Griffin is not a spread option quarterback and is capable of being a pro-style quarterback in the NFL. He has world-class speed but he doesn’t have the agility to make people miss. He would be better served in a normal offense and The Dallas system makes a lot of sense for his talent. As previously mentioned the only question mark on Griffin is; can he return to his previous form? He sat out all of 2015 so he should be refreshed but how rusty will he be?

Highlight Tape: 

Argument for Manziel: 
Johnny Cowboy.jpg
Measurements: 6 ft. 0 in. – 214 lbs.

Numbers Don’t Lie:
  • College Stats – Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.46.40 PM
  • NFL Stats – Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.45.49 PM

Experience: Manziel doesn’t have much value in this department. He has been the backup quarterback for both of his years in Cleveland. It’s all about potential with Manziel. Can he live up to the hype?

Scouting Report: Manziel is an interesting prospect at quarterback. He isn’t a very tall guy and he seems even smaller than his measurable when watching him play. But, what he lacks in height he makes up for it in arm strength and mobility. Manziel is fast and uses his speed well within the pocket. He doesn’t really get hit much and when he does he’s usually moving away from pressure. The biggest improvement for Manziel’s game needs to be his decision making. Just because you have the arm to make all the throws, doesn’t mean you need to attempt it in all situations. I think he can be a good backup and a lot of people are calling him Romo 2.0. The comparisons on the field are undeniable but his off the field life is anything but Romo. But this isn’t an article condemning his actions, heck, I wish Johnny could just be Johnny. I used to like Manziel when he was Johnny Football and throwing up the money sign. It seems he has to put on a fake persona for the media now and I wish he’d go back to who he is. If he can do that, just be himself, and win football games, he’d make a good addition to the Cowboys roster.

Highlight Tape: 

GET EM BOTH!!! Anything is better than the backups we had this past season. Get em both and have a backup QB dual for the ages. That’d be fun to watch. It’d make preseason almost watchable and would sell a lot of merchandise and tickets. I can see Jerry licking his chops at the idea right now.


Thanks for reading.