The Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014

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In today’s installment i’ve taken a break from traditional column writing and decided to do more of an entertaining piece for you all today. So welcome to….

“The Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014.”

Due to Russell Wilson’s recent success and most notably leading the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl this article had to happen. If Seattle wins Wilson will become only the second black quarterback to win a Super Bowl since Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins did it in 1987.

But Wilson is only half black. Should he only receive half of the achievement?

I actually came across someone who said this and it kind of irked me. Since when did it matter if you were half black in America? All partly black people are labeled as black. Now is this a flawed way of thinking? Quite possibly. But that’s a whole different article. 😉 *coming soon*

Anywho, that conversation helped me come up with a way to honor those I deem worthy of being named “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014.” Keep in mind that this is my list and who you think is worthy may not have cracked my list. The qualifications are quite simple. You must be a light skinned black male and be awesome.

5. Russell Wilson.


Obviously he cracked the list as he started this whole blog. As mentioned earlier Russell Wilson has already made the list of black quarterbacks to start and play in the Super Bowl. A list consisting of Doug Williams, Donovan McNabb, Colin Kaepernick, and himself. But now he has a chance to separate himself from two of those names. What may be even more important for the young quarterback is that his team the Seahawks have never won a Super Bowl. He could be the biggest thing to that city since Gary Payton was throwing alley-oops to Shawn Kemp. Not only does he carry himself like a leader on the field but also off the field the guy just seems like an All-American human being. Have you ever seen him in an interview? The guy has nerves of steel. And for that I honor him with the 5th spot on the “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014”.

4. Stephen Curry


My love for basketball is the reason Curry tops Wilson in this years list but a Super Bowl victory for Wilson could make me change my pick. But for now Stephen Curry comes in at number 4 on this years “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014” list. Stephen Curry son of NBA shooting legend Dell Curry has become a shooting legend of his own. If he continues with what he’s been doing for the past year for the rest of his career then he will be a sure fire Hall of Famer. Stephen Curry is currently 7th in the NBA in scoring, 2nd in assists, and 3rd in three pointers made. He’s on his way to make his first all-star appearance and leads a Golden State team that looks poised for a playoff run. Curry has become a Star in the NBA and when you look at the top NBA point guards it’s hard to argue that anyone is outplaying young Steph.

3. Drake


But Drake don’t play sports!!!?????? *says angry reader*

Yes this is a sports blog but the title of this list is not “Top 5 Light Skinned Athletes of 2014.” No. It’s “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014.”

Drake’s most recent performance came on America’s favorite show “SNL” this past week. And lets just say he should be a regular on the show. The guy has the charisma of a young Sidney Pottier and the quick wit of a Will Smith. Say what you want about his music but the man can flat out entertain.

His music is what people recognize him by and you can’t have Drake at number 3 on the “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014”, without mentioning it. His most recent album “Nothing Was The Same” total sales are close to 1,500,000 as of today and are still growing. In an age where most people download albums for free this is a really big deal. Drake has created a brand that if now he decided to quit he’d still be a music legend. That’s why I have him coming in at number 3 on this year’s edition of “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014.”

2. Barack Obama



And your number 1 Light Skinned Brother of 2014 is….

1. Jeremy Bright


That’s right! I made myself the top light skinned brother! It’s my blog and i’ll do what i want. Plus since this is the first and most likely only “Top Light Skinned Brother” award blog then it’s only fitting that the creator/MC gets to be the best.

That was fun 🙂

Can you count how many times I used the Title (“Top Light Skinned Brothers of 2014”) in the story?

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The Gruden Conspiracy


As with everything in the universe everything said or done by any man must eventually come back to the Cowboys. The latest to fall into this category is the Redskins hiring of Jay Gruden. Why did they hire him? Was he really the best available option for the job? Is he really an upgrade over a former Super Bowl Champion coach? Did Daniel Snyder confuse Jay with his brother Jon and sign the wrong guy?

Whatever the reasoning, here we are in the midst of the playoffs talking about the Redskins. Will Gruden use the once explosive RGIII correctly and allow him to reach his full potential as a Quarterback? Hey, he made Andy Dalton into an above average quarterback, maybe he’ll turn RGIII into a Super Bowl winning quarterback. (*semi-sarcasm*)

It’s hard to imagine that Snyder confused Jay with his brother but could Jon even have turned this Redskin bunch into a real contender?

It was just a season ago when RGIII was supposed to be the best of the new wave of Quarterbacks. He headlined a trio consisting of Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and himself. Now just a season later he’s being written off as a bust by some. But the majority still feel he can regain his place among the elite and the Redskins hope it will be with Jay Gruden.

What does any of this have to do with the Dallas Cowboys besides having to play a new coach for a division rival twice next year?


A year ago Monte Kiffin was brought in to fix the Cowboys defense and convert a 3-4 system into a 4-3 Tampa 2 styled defense. This was a strange hiring as Rob Ryan seemed to have a decent control over a very non-talented defense and deserved to keep his job. Whatever the case Jerry didn’t feel Rob could successfully switch his scheme and he brought in “old man” Kiffin to fix this lowly defense.

Now understand that this is just for the sake of a good conspiracy. I have no knowledge on whether the following is true but I firmly believe that this could’ve been exactly what happened.

Monte Kiffin was brought in so that Jerry Jones wouldn’t be the oldest member of the Cowboys staff any longer.

While this is fact, this is not the Gruden Conspiracy. The Gruden Conspiracy is that Monte Kiffin was brought in to entice Jon Gruden to step out of the broadcasting booth and save a Cowboys dynasty that is slowly dwindling with every losing season.


Look at how happy they are.

Kiffin was Gruden’s defensive coordinator when the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys ultimate plan was to give Jason Garrett one more year. One more year to see if the Cowboys could surpass mediocrity. Dan Snyder wanted to hire Jon Gruden this offseason but Jon’s people told Snyder’s people that Jon would only come back for one team and one team only. Using common sense Snyder knew who Jon’s people were talking about and suddenly devised a plan. A plan so genius that no one would see it coming. Instead of hiring Jon we can hire his kid brother. Jon will definitely not want to come back now and have to play against his brother twice a year. If we can’t have him, neither can the Cowboys. Plan executed!

Jon will now stay put as his job is as good as it gets. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to work with Mike Tirico? (He’s the best of all-time)


Poor. Poor. Jerry Jones.


Now for the Cowboys it’s really Jason Garrett or blow it up. Their plan B is now off the board for at least the next two seasons.

I propose another alternative for the Cowboys. One that will make everything right for Jerry and for the whole fan base. A hiring that would make the Cowboys an instant contender and would get every Cowboy fan back on Jerry’s side.

Jimmy for GM?!


It’s fun to dream… Isn’t it?




Feature Story: Dirk Nowitzki. Coming soon…

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Draft Series 1: Cowboys Round 1. Who will they choose?

With the NFL regular season over and my Cowboys not in the playoffs for the fourth straight year, let the draft speculation begin!

With so many holes on this team there’s none more concerning than the defensive line. The defense as a whole was dead last in almost every statistical category in 2013. Monte Kiffin was brought in last year to implement a 4-3 defense as a change from the previous 3-4 defense the Cowboys ran in years past which never worked during the 16 game season. A big reason for that was injuries throughout the entire defense which led to the Cowboys signing players off the street in the midst of a playoff race. The only way to fix this problem is depth, something the Cowboys have lacked during Jason Garrett’s entire tenure as head coach.

There are many notable names that come to mind when discussing the upcoming draft. There was actually an article in the Dallas Morning News entitled Johnny Cowboy?! But if recent history has taught us anything is that Jerry Jones is committed 100 percent to Tony Romo. I doubt the Cowboys trade up for a quarterback but if they do Johnny Manziel would the obvious choice. My draft board looks a little more realistic.

Draft Board:

1. Ha’sean “Ha Ha” Clinton-Dix – Safety – Alabama

Yes i said we needed help on the line but at pick 16 or 17 (depending on the results of a coin flip with Baltimore) Ha Ha’s talent supersedes need at this point even with Barry Church and JJ Wilcox on the roster. Plus, if I have to watch Jeff Heath start at safety for one more game then I might revoke my Cowboys fan card.

2. Trent Murphy – Defensive End – Stanford

While i think he’s the third best defensive end in this draft, due to another year of mediocrity the Cowboys will be picking in the middle of the draft yet again. Jadeveon Clowney and Stephon Tuitt will be gone and Trent Murphy is the next best pick here for the boys’.

3. Louis Nix III – Defensive Tackle – Notre Dame

If he happens to fall then he’s the obvious selection. The big man has great feet and great hands and can anchor a defense and this team is in great need of an anchor with the possible departure of Jason Hatcher in the offseason. Also you have to love any big man who sports a single digit number.

Here’s who I would like to pick in the later rounds after the first.

1. Jackson Jeffcoat – DE – Texas
2. Xavier Su’a Filo – OG – UCLA
3. Shayne Skov – ILB – Stanford
4. Storm Johnson – RB – UCF
5. Jordan Lynch – QB – Northern Illinois

Obviously it’s too early to tell which of these players will be available since the NFL Combine has yet to get under way but just judging off the past season this would be a part of my draft order.

JBrightSports Cowboys Draft Series will be a monthly installment leading up to April’s draft.

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Dallas Mavericks v. Los Angeles Clippers Preview/Recap


Firstly I must say congratulations to my Mean Green. North Texas pulled off an impressive victory in style on New Years Day beating the UNLV Running Rebels 36-14. For the sake of time, here is a great recap at the link below.

Tonight the Dallas Mavericks (19-13) will be taking on the visiting Los Angeles Clippers (22-12) at 7:30/CT.

The Clippers come into the American Airlines Center for the first time this season but if history has any indication on the outcome it would favor the Mavericks in this battle. The Clippers have lost 11 of the last 12 in Dallas, including a 109-102 overtime loss on March 26 which was the last time these teams faced off.

On the other side of the court the Dallas Mavericks are coming home off of a perfect road-trip going 3-0 and have been quite impressive despite a surprisingly ineffective Dirk Nowitzki. Nowitzki was held under 20 points in each of the three road games and shot a combined 34.8 percent from the field. The below average shooting isn’t totally the big man’s fault as he’s dealing with an ankle injury that he suffered against the Washington Wizards in the previous game. There were reports that the Mavericks may keep him out of this contest but the Big German has said that he will play tonight and it’s probably a safe bet he will be looking to impose his offensive will against a physical Clippers team.


The biggest match-up to watch for in tonights game will be Jose Calderon v. Chris Paul. Defensively i expect a lot of zone by the Mavericks as Chris Paul’s quickness is no match for the defensively challenged Jose Calderon. Help defense and rim protection will be key if the Mavericks want to keep their winning streak alive.


I will admit to being a homer but I must be objective. With that being said, I still feel the Mavericks will come out on top at home against a Clippers team who might be resting up for a back-to-back road trip. The Clippers will play San Antonio Saturday.

Final Score Prediction –

Dallas 110 – LA 102.

The game will be televised locally on FSSW at 7:30.


Final Score: LA – 119 : DAL – 112

The Mavericks and Clippers could not stop one another for the entire first half of play. The score going into halftime was 70-67. Things slowed down in the second half and the Clippers started to dominate the paint going inside for 54 points in the paint. Deandre Jordan had his best game of the season scoring 25 points and adding 18 rebounds. He was an absolute force and imposed his will down low time and time again. Blake Griffin also added 25 points and had plenty of slam dunks which he has made a trademark in his game. Dirk ended up with a team-high 24 points snapping his cold spell of 3 games without going over 20 but it wasn’t enough for the Mavericks in the end. Chris Paul left the game with a separated shoulder and is expected to miss about a month of action.

Beyond The Stats:

While at the game I took one thing from what I witnessed. The Mavericks need help inside. Samuel Dalembert was getting bullied around play after play and the Mavericks couldn’t rebound with the big men of the Clippers. Griffin and Jordan combined for 33 rebounds themselves while the Mavs as a team had only 39. Brandon Wright played well in spurts but he just doesn’t have the size to bang with the Jordan’s of the league for the entire game. Also Doc Rivers did a great job of going with the two point guard backcourt offense with Paul and Collison forcing Monta Ellis to have to guard one while Jose Calderon had to guard the other. I went over before the game how i felt Calderon would be a defensive liability against the quickness of the Clippers and I was right on the money with that prediction. The Mavericks would love to get Devin Harris in this lineup as soon as possible when playing against the West’s  faster guards.

The Mavericks will have a chance to redeem themselves at home on Sunday against a New York Knicks team that has struggled thus far this season. Keep a lookout for the next installment of this blog.

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Heart of Dallas Bowl 2014!

Jeremy Bright/ UNT Journalist

To start the New Year off right, I’ve decided to write my very first article on something very near and dear to my heart. North Texas Football!!!

UNT is bowl eligible for the first time since 2004 and has a strong chance of victory against a good UNLV team at the Heart of Dallas Bowl formerly known as the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. North Texas is coming into the game with a record of (8-4) and UNLV currently stands at (7-5).

UNT fans have come out of hiding the past two years as Dan McCarney has brought back the excitement of Mean Green football. The cool yet fiery Head Coach is the main reason this program seems to be back on the right track but like all great coaches will say, you can’t win games without good players. Headlined in this game will be 2013 All-Conference USA First Team middle linebacker Zach Orr. He will be looking to make an impact early and often as he leads a UNT defense that has thrived on stopping the run all season coming in at 18th and only allowing 125.1 yards per game on the ground.

With the home-crowd behind them, will UNT make history on New Years Day 2014? We will see in a few hours.




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