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The J. Bright Show – S2: Ep. 8 – SEASON FINALE

This is the Season finale of Season 2!

We talk Mavs, Cowboys, Rangers, NFL Rule Changes, Katt Williams and more..

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The J. Bright Show – S2: Ep. 7

I’m back at it again this week with another installment of The J. Bright Show. I’m talking about the Mavs and Cowboys, the internet is foolin, and I got the breakdown of Katt Williams vs. Kevin Hart. You don’t wanna miss this.

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The J. Bright Show – S2: Ep. 6

In this episode we talk about Greg Hardy, will he or won’t he return?, Randy Gregory is suspended for 4 games, Will the Cowboys Sign RGIII, Will David Lee save the Mavs season?, and we’ve got an Internet Be Foolin! Check it out!

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The J. Bright Show – S2: Ep. 5

In this episode of The J. Bright Show, I talk about all things Super Bowl including Halftime and the Commercials, a possible trade for the Mavs, and why Wade Phillips has the best tweets on Twitter. All that and more in this week’s episode of The J. Bright Show.

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The J. Bright Show – S2: Ep. 4

Are you outraged about the Oscars not including any black actors or black movies? Well don’t fret, I got you! In this episode of the J. Bright Show, JBrightSports Presents: The Black Oscars! Also B.o.B. and Neil Degrasse Tyson are beefing! And oh yeah I talk a little about sports. 🙂

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