NFL: First Round Playoff Predictions 

Saturday Games: 

(5) Kansas City Chiefs @ (4) Houston Texans (3:20 p.m. CT) ABC/ESPN 

Prediction: Kansas City 

(6) Pittsburgh Steelers @ (3) Cincinnati Bengals (7:15 p.m. CT) CBS 

Prediction: Pittsburgh 

Sunday Games: 

(6) Seattle Seahawks @ (3) Minnesota Vikings (12:05 p.m. CT) NBC 

Prediction: Seattle 

(5) Green Bay Packers @ (4) Washington Football Club (3:40 p.m. CT) FOX 

Prediction: Green Bay 

Every game this weekend could be an upset. None of the division winners looked that strong in the regular season. 

In the playoffs the play of the quarterback decides most games. That’s why they get paid the big bucks. 

KC vs. HOU: Kansas City’s quarterback Alex Smith has the upper hand against Houston. Houston has been looking for a quarterback ever since they ruined David Carr’s career. While Brian Hoyer is a capable quarterback in this league, he won’t win you any playoff games. 

Now if they would’ve stuck with Brandon Weeden then maybe Houston would have a shot. People need to quit sleeping on Brandon Weeden. He’s not that bad. 

PIT vs. CIN: Not much to be said about this matchup. Big Ben vs. AJ McCarron. I’m taking Big Ben every time in that matchup. Pittsburgh’s league leading six Super Bowl titles vs. the one-and-done Cincinnati boys. I’m taking the battle-proven Steelers in this one. 

SEA vs. MIN: Last years NFC champion Seahawks looked eerily similar to this year’s Seahawks. The defense is back to its elite status and Russell Wilson is playing lights out. While Minnesota is a good up and coming team, I don’t see how the Vikings offense will do anything against this Seattle defense. Seattle will win this one easily. 

GB vs. WAS: Aaron Rodgers is saving his best for last. While he had a sub-par season to his standards, Rodgers will play better on Sunday and carve up the Washington secondary. Washington is very confident but deep down they know they shouldn’t be in the playoffs. They won a pathetic division this year and I would’ve picked against any team coming out of the NFC East not named the Dallas Cowboys. 

Let’s see if I’m right. 

Thanks for reading. 


2 thoughts on “NFL: First Round Playoff Predictions ”

  1. 100% on the Wild Card Games!!!!!! You need to be on FOX Sports! It was gutsy of you to pick all 4 away teams to win! Just another reason I love reading your posts.

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