One Game Back

The delusional Cowboy fan is back and he doesn’t seem so delusional anymore. Thanks to a Monday Night win versus the Washington Footballers, the Dallas Cowboys are one game back of the division lead with four games left to play.

The division as of today look as so:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 8.52.42 PM


The Cowboys go on a seven-game losing streak and still have a chance to win this thing.

No Romo? No problem.

The bus-driver Matt Cassel finally won a game as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback. He threw for 222 yards, 0 touchdowns but more importantly 0 interceptions.

Cassel did what is needed of him. Nothing more and nothing less. He took care of the ball and made key plays when needed. While it would’ve been nice to get more touchdowns, when the defense plays like they did Monday night, the offense can afford to settle for field goals. Especially when you have the best kicker in all of football on your team.

The lack of touchdowns was not on Cassel at all though. I place all the blame on the non-scoring on the play-calling. Scott Linehan and Jason Garrett may have the most predictable offense in the National Football League.

If there is a third and one, the defense just has to stack the line because the play is going to be a run up the middle. The Cowboys offense also does another thing that irks me. If they are going to run it, they not only take Dez out, they line up with no wideouts and everyone and their mama knows a run is coming.

So predictable.

But even with horrible play-calling and execution the Cowboys find themselves in striking distance. With only four games remaining, the division is up for the taking.

The rest of the Cowboys schedule looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 4.08.02 PM.png

If the Boys’ can somehow pull off an upset at Lambeau Field… Oh, what a Christmas miracle that would be they can possibly take the lead this week.

If not, then there’s still a chance the Cowboys could make the playoffs. 7-9 wouldn’t be ideal but there’s still a possibility they could make it with that record.

So the winner of this division could very well have a losing record. Let’s take a look at the rest of the division teams upcoming games:

Washington Footballers @ Chicago Bears. Sun. 12:00 pm. 

Buffalo Bills @ Philadelphia Eagles. Sun. 12:00 pm. 

New York Giants @ Miami Dolphins. Mon. 7:30 pm. 

So when the Cowboys play on Sunday at 3:25, we’ll know at least two outcomes of divisional opponents.

If somehow the Cowboys win and all of the other teams lose, the Cowboys could be leading the division after this week.


Well out of all of the NFC East teams, the Cowboys have the best divisional record at 3-2 vs. divisional opponents.

Here’s the division records for the NFC East:

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 4.20.46 PM.png

*Divisional record is in the last column*

That means if there’s a four-way tie, the tie-breaker is best divisional record. Which gives Dallas the upper-hand for now.

So lets go Bears, Bills, and Dolphins this week. And hopefully a Christmas miracle can happen at Lambeau.


Thanks for reading.





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