Matt Cassel is in; Brandon Weeden is out

Going into their bye week the Dallas Cowboys went in a new direction at quarterback. Brandon Weeden, who took over for Tony Romo is now back to his former role of backup quarterback and newly acquired Matt Cassel will step in and lead the team.

The move is no surprise as Weeden has been less than impressive leading the Cowboys to a 0-3 record since taking over for Romo. Here’s a look at his numbers in this 3-game stretch:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.26.06 PM

While he definitely didn’t lose games, he didn’t do anything to win them either. One touchdown through three games? That’s just not good enough.

One of the big problems I hear about why Weeden struggled throwing the ball was the lack of a run game through 3 games. Well you can’t run the ball when the defense commits eight guys in the box every play and dares you to throw a pass beyond 10 yards. Weeden just couldn’t and didn’t throw the ball down the field.

A big factor in that is also Weeden’s lack of weapons. Terrance Williams, Cole Beasley, and Devin Street look so terrible without Dez Bryant on the field. None of them can get open. It’s crazy how much this team relies on two players (Romo and Bryant).

Cassel will take over for Weeden when the Cowboys play the Giants for the second time. Bryant is questionable for the game but I doubt he plays. Cassel could look a lot better than Weeden in these next couple of games if Dez can get back on the field. But I’m convinced that even with a healthy Dez Bryant, Brandon Weeden would’ve still struggled.

Now Cassel steps in and is the quarterback of America’s Team. No one is expecting Cassel to be Romo, but I think the mood within the organization is, “he** it can’t get any worse. Why not give Cassel a shot?”

But all of these struggles point back to one thing. THE COWBOYS SHOULD’VE SIGNED TERRELL OWENS! 

Even in his old age, there’s no doubt that he could’ve helped this horrible receiving corps. At the very least it would’ve made Sundays more interesting. The past few weekends these guys have been so boring that I’ve fell asleep a couple of times during games.

The question now becomes will Cassel do enough to keep me awake? Well his track record says he has a chance to.

Here’s Cassel’s career stats over the years:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 10.46.23 PM

He hasn’t been great since 2010. But the Cowboys don’t need him to be great, they just need him to be better than Weeden. They need him to actually throw the ball down the field a little bit and open up the offense a little more.

Cassel is not elite by any means but he is a savvy veteran that has proved he can get it done.

Here’s a quick look at a profile done of Cassel this season while he was with Buffalo:

Can Cassel save the boys’ season?

We’ll see…

Thanks for reading.


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