The Magic Number is 1

Only one game stands between the Texas Rangers and the A.L. West.

Thanks to a gutsy performance by Derek Holland and some timely hits by Beltre and the crew, the Rangers beat the Angels (5-3) and have positioned themselves to be in control of their own destiny. With only three games left to play, the Rangers only need to win this next game to be champs of the division.

MILESTONE: Last night the Rangers clinched a playoff spot for only the 7th time in franchise history.

PLAY OF THE GAME: There were a lot of great plays in this one but the play of the game has to go to Josh Hamilton. He made an amazing catch while running into the wall in LF. It was one of the best catches i’ve ever seen.

Peep the catch out below:

Hamilton almost got Pujols out at the plate. That was simply amazing. People can’t ever say Josh doesn’t care. He’s hurt and he’s still giving 100%.

It’s efforts like tonight that make it seem like this year is special. I don’t know if they can get to the World Series but just getting out of the first round may be enough to consider this season a success.

NEXT UP: Martin Perez vs. Jered Weaver

Game starts at 7:05 CT.



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