Preseason Preview: Week 3

The most important preseason game of the season has arrived. In the third game the starters from both teams will play most of the game in hopes of getting a rhythm going into the season. The fourth and final preseason game is usually reserved as a last chance for the young bucks to make a roster spot.

If history shows us anything, I expect the starters to play the first half, and probably the third quarter as well. Now that’s most of the starters. Some of the guys like Romo might not come back out on the field after halftime.

What i’m looking for: 

The Cowboys are 0-2 in preseason thus far. While a preseason record doesn’t particularly matter, it’d be nice to get a win. Even more importantly the Cowboys need to establish some sort of offense. The offense as a whole has looked horrible this preseason. Granted it’s been because the third string has taken most of the reps but take a look at these abysmal numbers:

6.5 points a game? That’s not going to cut it. I look for the first team in this game to look a whole lot better than what has been put out on the field thus far and they will score some points.

What about Dez?: 

Dez Bryant has been dealing with a minor hamstring injury all preseason and he will again be out for this week. Hopefully this is just a precaution and Dez will be ready to go when the season kicks off. Not having 88 out there will be a blow for a struggling Cowboys team trying to put up some points but then again it’s just preseason. I’d rather have him when it actually counts.

Surprise of the night: 

Accuse me of homerism all you want, but look out for number 25 tonight. Lance Dunbar has been quietly emerging as a difference maker for these Cowboys. Darren McFadden had a decent outing last game but nothing spectacular. Look for Dunbar to snatch up the number two spot on the depth chart tonight. Not to mention he may take a punt back to the house tonight.

Should be a fun game to watch. Kickoff is at 6 pm CT.

Cowboys vs. Vikings.

Thanks for reading.


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