TGIF : JBright’s Favorite Things This Week

Quick sports update: 

  • The Dallas Cowboys lost their top cornerback Orlando Scandrick for the season
  • The Texas Rangers dropped two games to the Toronto Blue Jays and lost the series, but are still in the playoff picture
  • The Dirk Nowitzki movie was shown at the AAC
  • Derrick Rose is being sued for rape (I refuse to believe the allegations are true)
  • Kyrie Irving is out until January

What I did this week: 


I finally saw the movie Trainwreck earlier this week starring Amy Schumer and Bill Hader. I know i’m late but that movie was worth the wait. I’m usually not one to enjoy a rom-com or Amy Schumer but this movie was quite hilarious. Without giving any spoilers, all i’ll say is.. Lebron James was clearly the funniest thing about this movie. He has a future in acting if he chooses to pursue it. He was in the movie a lot more than I thought he would be and every time he was on screen I was LOL’ing.

Madden 16

I said I wasn’t going to do it but, I bought Madden this week. There goes my free time. I was a little disappointed in last year’s Madden installment but this year has exceeded my expectations. The gameplay is so much smoother, the players actually make cuts resembling actual movements, and the new throwing and catching mechanics make the game actually playable. The franchise mode has made leaps and bounds in improvements as well. The best thing about it, is the speed in which you can simulate from week to week. Also the scouting is so much easier and more realistic. Madden 16 is a must buy.

The Carmichael Show

I now have a new favorite TV show. The Carmichael Show on NBC. Jerrod Carmichael is an upcoming comedian and he already has his own show. You may have seen him in the movie Neighbors, he was the hilarious black gentleman. The show features the amazingly hot Amber Stevens West, the hilarious David Alan Grier, and the great Loretta Divine. The show deals with current events in the black community but has a funny sitcomy twist to it. (Yes I made up the word sitcomy.) Definitely check this out.

Check it out: 

1. Watch The Carmichael Show

2. Buy Madden

3. Wait until it comes to Netflix and watch Trainwreck with your lady. She’ll enjoy it and you’ll get a kick out of it as well.

The purpose of this post was not to solely inform you on things I did this week but also things that are to come.

Coming soon: 

Be sure to be on the lookout for my new vodcast, podcast, and written short series I have coming out very soon. All of these things have been in the works and I can’t wait to unveil them to you all.

Thanks for reading.


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