Chain of Bad Events for the Mavs

DALLASLets jump this off by saying DeAndre Jordan is dead to me. *Update* (Don’t like the guy but that was kind of mean and reactive.) In one week he has gone from Dallas hero to the most hated man in the metroplex. If you missed how this whole situation unfolded, lets revisit Mr. Jordan’s most recent actions:

  • Jordan verbally commits to signing with the Dallas Mavericks last Saturday
  • On Monday Jordan calls Doc Rivers as he’s having second thoughts on signing with Dallas
  • On Wednesday the Clippers are invited for a final meeting to try and sway Jordan to stay
  • An emoji twitter war breaks out
  • The Clippers barricade themselves inside of Jordan’s home
  • Jordan reneges on his previous agreement with Dallas and decides to stay in LA.
My thoughts exactly Mr. Jordan

What is Dallas supposed to do now? Why is this happening? Did Cuban piss off the basketball gods? Do the basketball gods hate SharknadoNo Way. Sharknado is awesome! 

The hate from the basketball gods is indeed real though. It can all be back tracked to one simple decision the Mavs made in the summer of 2011.

Fresh off of a championship, the Dallas Mavericks decided not to bring back Tyson Chandler (the heart and soul of the team.) Then everything started to go downhill..

  • 2011 – Mavs decide to not re-sign Tyson Chandler.
  • 2011/2012 – The Lamar Odom saga began.. and then ended abruptly.
  • 2012 – Deron Williams chose Brooklyn over Dallas
  • 2012 – Jason Kidd pulled a “DeAndre Jordan” and went back on his original agreement and joined the Knicks
  • 2012 – Darren Collison and OJ Mayo were signed as the “backcourt of the future”
  • 2012 – Collison wasn’t working out so Carlisle brought in Mike James to be the starting PG
  • 2013 – Dwight Howard chooses Houston over Dallas
  • 2015 – Dallas trades for Rajon Rondo
  • 2015 – DeAndre Jordan backs out of a verbal agreement with Dallas and returns to the Clippers

These chain of horrible events are all linked back to the 2011 decision. One theory is possibly other players in the NBA saw that Dallas is not loyal to its contributing players. You can do all you can possibly do on the court for the team and Dallas still won’t pay you afterwards unless your name is Nowitzki.

Since then Dallas is always chasing the big fish with nothing to show for it. Not one big-name free agent has signed with Dallas since they dried the powder in 2011. I’m not saying Dallas would still be competitive with the old guys that were on the 2011 team but maybe if they would’ve showed loyalty, then other free agents would be more likely to come here.

I feel the most sympathy for Dirk. He bought in on a plan that made him take way less than market value with a promise that the Mavericks would surround him with more talent. The Dallas Mavericks have failed him. With Dirk Nowitzki getting older by the day, it looks like it’s going to be a sad ending to a great career for the big German.

And people were upset with Kobe Bryant for getting his money. Kobe looks like a genius now.

“Get yah money mane!” – Mike Epps

Projected starting lineup as of right now:

  • PG – Devin Harris/ Raymond Felton
  • SG – Wes Matthews
  • SF – Chandler Parsons
  • PF – Dirk Nowitzki
  • C – Amare? Hibbert? Dalembert? Bynum? – Lots of options here.. kidding about Bynum

The consensus is that the Mavs are in tank mode as of now. Unless they trade their newest acquisition (Matthews), Dirk, or Parsons, this team could still be decent. Possibly not a playoff team in the West but definitely not a lottery team.

If the Mavs fail to be in the top 7 of next years’ lottery then they will have to give the rights of their pick to the Boston Celtics via the Rajon Rondo trade.

But in the end, who cares. Pick or no pick this season will most likely be unwatchable for Mavs fans. Welcome spoiled Mavs fans back to the Reunion Arena days. When you go to a game for the experience, all the while knowing you’re probably going to lose.

Who knows, maybe Satnam Singh is a star in the making and will save the Mavericks from tank land.


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