JBright’s Mavs Draft Wish List – Top 3

Welcome ladies and gents to another blogging experience presented to you by yours truly.

Tonight is a special night for NBA fans. It’s Draft Night!!!!!!

The Dallas Mavericks hold the number 21 pick in this years draft. Here’s my wish list for who they should draft:

1.) R.J. Hunter –

RJ Hunter

Height: 6-6

Weight: 185

Position: SG

The sharpshooter from Georgia St. helped lead the Panthers on a remarkable run and upset Baylor in the NCAA tournament. R.J. Hunter tops my wish list because he’s what the Mavericks were lacking last season, a true wing shooter. Richard Jefferson (the other R.J.) was supposed to fill that role last season but he just didn’t have enough gas left in the tank at the end of the season. Hunter needs to bulk up a little but what college athlete doesn’t. He is also an underrated defender. He may not lock up an opponents best player but he can hold his own. This will be a great pick, unless the Mavericks already have an under the table deal with Danny Green. With that being said..

NBA Comparison: Danny Green/Possible Klay Thompson

2.) Tyus Jones –


Height: 6-1

Weight: 185

Position: PG

When you think of everything you want in your Point Guard, Tyus Jones is just that. He’s a true playmaker and knows how to get everyone involved. While doing so he still is capable of taking over a game and getting his own shot. Jones proved that on the biggest stage in the NCAA Championship game. The only knock on Jones is his size. If he can get bigger and improve his defense, he’ll definitely be a steal this late in the draft.

NBA Comparison: Kemba Walker

3.) Rondae Hollis-Jefferson –


Height: 6-7

Weight: 210

Position: SF

Hollis-Jefferson already has an NBA body. *Pause*. He has the athleticism and defensive ability and basketball I.Q. to be a contributor from Day 1 on any roster. His only question mark is his lack of his offensive ability. He can jump out the gym and in the paint he’s a monster but he lacks post moves and an outside shot. But at 21 you couldn’t go wrong drafting a lockdown defender with extreme athleticism.

NBA Comparison: Thaddeus Young

Other Players would definitely be worth taking but these are my Top 3.

Now it’s time for the Draft.

You’ve got that Bright!


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