Adrian Peterson to Cowboys or Retirement

By now you’ve probably heard that Adrian Peterson will not be attending the Minnesota Vikings OTA’s. Not just the first week of organized team activities which has become pretty commonplace but the entire offseason program. He will lose out on a $250k bonus (which is nothing to a boss) for not attending.

Does this mean he still wants out? Are the Dallas Cowboys still in play to get the best running back of this generation?

It’s clear that Adrian Peterson is skeptical about returning to a franchise that pretty much left him out to dry last season. It’s clear there is tension between the front office in Minnesota and Peterson’s agent Ben Dogra. We’ve been at this standstill for months now and both parties are too stubborn to budge.

This reminds me of a similar situation involving the best running back of my childhood, the great Barry Sanders.

Very much like the Minnesota Vikings, the Detroit Lions never surrounded Barry Sanders with great talent. If you look back at the tape of Sanders’ best runs he had to make a couple guys miss IN THE BACKFIELD in order for the play to work. He would watch teams such as the Dallas Cowboys surround their star running back with a great offensive line and a variety of weapons and Sanders had to settle for a mediocre Detroit Lions team.

Ultimately Sanders couldn’t take it anymore and asked to be let out of his contract to explore other options. When that was denied to him, he walked away from the game forever.

The move was questioned by many and is still a topic of discussion today because barring injury Sanders was easily on his way to break the all-time rushing record.

Sanders is a classy guy and never truly bashed the organization but he did have a chat with Emmitt Smith a while back and Smith shed some light on the whole situation.

Following quotes are via columnist Zach Best

“I have had that conversation with Barry and Barry basically shared with me that he had had enough of football, No. 1, and possibly enough of dealing with the situation that he had to deal with up there in Detroit, being the go-to guy the whole time and not having the support, or what is perceived as a complete support staff around him like I had.”

Smith also added this:

“Obviously I had a great quarterback with Troy Aikman and I had Michael Irvin and and Jay Novacek and so forth. But when you looked at the Detroit Lions, and as I look at it and evaluate what Barry Sanders meant to that organization, he meant everything in the entire world to that organization. And for him not to have had a championship run is kind of disappointing and I think a person can only go through that for so long before they get enough.”

Could the same be happening to another great running back? Will the fans be deprived of greatness yet again?

It’s been recently floating around the rumor mill that Adrian Peterson is willing to play the retirement card to possibly get out of his contract at age 30. Keep in mind he’ll make $12.75 million this season if he plays. It seems with his most recent actions that winning is more important than money.

In October of 2013, Ray Lewis was already talking about a possible Peterson retirement.

The following quotes are via Bleacher Report. 

“Me going out on that field tonight and me looking at Adrian Peterson’s eyes, it’s something that I want to bring up that I don’t want to see happen to this young kid. Because we saw it happen to a great one one time before, which was Barry Sanders.”

Lewis continued..

“If he keeps going down this road, he’s going to have to make a business decision just like Barry Sanders made a while ago. He plays the game with so much passion and so much love, and he plays it so hard … and to do him like that, to surround him with a team like that … I don’t like to see great people go through things like that.”

The only solution it seems is to trade Peterson to the Cowboys. He’s given all he’s had to the Vikings and now it’s time for both parties to move on. Let’s not deprive the NFL fans of greatness yet again. Grant his wish Minnesota and make AD a Cowboy.

I’m Jeremy Bright *CBS SPORTS RADIO!*

Thanks for reading and enjoy this amazing Adrian Peterson video.


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