Mavs Preview in 500 words: All they need is one

The formula for winning in the playoffs is and always has been: steal one on the road and take care of business at home. So be at ease Mavs fans. All they need is one.

The Chandler Parsons Effect: 

CP may not play tonight and is as of now a game-time decision. The Mavs played a major chunk of the end of the season without Parsons and did decently, but it’s clear the Mavs are a better team with their highest-paid player on the court. If Parsons can’t go, Richard Jefferson is most likely to get the starting spot at small forward.

Dirk Must Get More Shots: 

Dirk Nowitzki went 10-14 from the field on Saturday but was 4th in shot attempts for the Mavs. Rondo, Parsons, and Ellis all had more shot attempts than the big German. The Mavericks are all about team basketball and given the games circumstances, anyone of these four could have the most shot attempts. But when Dirk has it going like he did, he needs even more shots. That’s on Dirk too. He’s sometimes too willing too pass. The double teams are coming from Houston but most times a Dirk shot over two defenders is better than a kick out pass to teammates. Quoted from Tim McMahon’s ESPN article Dirk had this to say:

“We’ve been doing a good job of spreading it around,” Nowitzki said. “Maybe I should have run to the block a couple more times, especially if they switch everything. I had [James] Harden on me a couple of times and obviously I’ve got to take advantage of those matchups.

“But I just feel like I don’t really want to force anything. I feel like we’re spreading the ball around, we’re shooting, we’re driving. That’s where we’re at our best, not when one guy goes one-on-one 30 times. That’s not how we play. That’s not how we’re really effective and efficient this season. I do got to pick my spots.”

You like stats? 

Here are some stats of Game 1:





– The Mavs actually 14 more shot attempts and the FG%’s weren’t dang near the same.

– The Rockets shot 8 more three-pointers and hit 40% from beyond the arc

– The biggest difference and the story of the game were the FT’s. 17 attempts for Dallas and 45 for Houston. Let me write that again so it sets in. 17 attempts for Dallas and 45 for Houston. 

Fouling was a major problem for Dallas but the Mavs lapses on defense were even more concerning. There were many times Terrance Jones had wide open layups and alley-oop finishes with no opposition. If Dallas wants to win they will have to tighten up defensively and stop fouling so much.

Prediction Time: 

I co-signed my man Jeff “Skin” Wade when he said “Mavs in Five!” So i’m standing behind that prediction.

Mavs win this game by a convincing margin. 120-109. 

It can be done! And all they need is one!

Thanks for reading.


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