Dallas Mavericks Adventure 2015

I may just be the most blessed and luckiest person alive.

If you didn’t know, my mother has been an accountant for the Dallas Mavericks for 20+ years. I’ve gotten the hookup my whole life with tickets, discounted merchandise, and Mavs events.

I actually was working in the Mavs merchandise department in 2011 when the Mavericks won the championship. I’ve been to a press conference with the one and only Earl K. Sneed and talked with many of the players. And now I’m interning at 105.3 The Fan.

I’ve had a super blessed life thus far and it’s only becoming more blessed as my Mavericks’ journey continues this Wednesday.

My mom won an office raffle for two tickets to an away game. Even better, we get to ride the team plane with the coaches, players, and media to the game.

I’ll be posting, tweeting, and insta-videoing my whole experience, so stay tuned….

Instagram: @JBright3000

Twitter: @JBrightSports

See ya in OKC!


2 thoughts on “Dallas Mavericks Adventure 2015”

  1. Hi Jeremy, You are blessed! Well, unless the away trip is to Philadelphia, my home town. Actually, I was just kidding. What a thrill to be on the same plane as the team. Have a blast and I will look forward as always, to reading your post! Best Wishes, Steve Murray

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