Dallas Cowboys: Let the real season begin!

Dallas — As the holiday season comes to a close, a new season is just beginning to emerge.

“It’s the most, wonderful time, of the year.” 

The NFL Postseason has arrived.

There were some pretty good Wildcard games Saturday: The Panthers beat the Cardinals 27-16. And the Ravens beat the Steelers 30-17.

Those games were decent… But the Main Event begins tomorrow @ 3:40 CST. The Dallas Cowboys will be hosting the Detroit Lions and it should be a shootout in Big D.

We won’t get too analytical in this post. The formula is the same as it’s been all year for Dallas. Run the ball, control the clock, take advantage over the top when the opposition loads the box, and on defense give up 3 but just don’t give up touchdowns.

Detroit, led by Highland Park’s own Matthew Stafford, and his main receiver Calvin “Megatron” Johnson will be looking for a repeat performance of what they did to Dallas a year ago.

On the other side you have the man trying to shed all of his demons past in Tony Romo and “Mr. throw up the X” Dez Bryant, who will both be looking to keep their regular season magic going throughout the playoffs.

For the Cowboys: Demarco Murray is one-week healthier, Rolando McClain is back, and Barry Church has placed a “legal bounty” on Golden Tate.

All these stories are great, but the matchup that i’m really looking forward to though is Ndamukong Suh vs. the Cowboys interior O-Line. This will primarily be All-Pro Rookie Zach Martin and Travis Frederick’s responsibility.

Suh won an appeal against the NFL this past week which allows him to play in Sunday’s game. Suh was originally suspended for the game because he “accidentally” stepped on Aaron Rodgers leg, twice.

So how will young Zach play against the monster that is Suh? Can Frederick redeem himself from a poor performance last season against the man-beast?

This is the game America has been waiting for all-week.

Two historic franchises, duking it out for NFC Wildcard supremacy.

Can the Cowboys redefine themselves as winners? Or will they choke in the big game like they’ve been doing for years now?

Will Tony Romo finally get to a Super Bowl?

Well the road to glory begins at 3:40 CST.

Cowboys vs. Lions.

Will you be watching?

Thanks for reading.


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