Rondo’s Debut & Cowboys Sunday

Dallas— Hello there Dallas sports fans. Thanks for hopping onto & reading my thoughts. We have two very interesting topics to get to today but first I would like to share some awesome news with you all. Some of you may already know but yours truly has been accepted as an intern for 105.3 The Fan. Starting Jan. 20th I will be interning for Ben & Skin and the G-Bag Nation. Thank you all so much for reading these blogs and supporting me through all of this. This is just the start of something incredible and i’m honored to have you join me on this journey.


Newly acquired point guard Rajon Rondo made his Dallas Mavericks debut last night. His stat line ended like this: 6 pts, 7 rebs, & 9 asts.

For his first game in a new system that ain’t bad at all.

The Mavs beat the Spurs 99-93 in a game where the Spurs played none of their starters. But either way, you know Popovich and the Spurs would be ready to play and make it a game.

The Spurs led the Mavs most of the game but then it was Monta time.

Monta Ellis scored 11 of his 38-points in the 4th quarter to seal the Mavs victory.

This has been a consistent theme for Ellis as he’s been the NBA’s most clutch player so far this season.

Many people thought bringing in a ball-dominant guard like Rondo would stall Ellis’s scoring but in fact it was quite the opposite. Rondo is a very smart player and knows where to get the basketball and who to get it to, and he knew Ellis had the hot hand. The tandem will only get better as they might just turn into the NBA’s most lethal backcourt before the season’s over.

The rest is on Coach Rick Carlisle, aka the Mastermind. He is one of the best coaches in the league at lineup rotations and getting the most out of uniquely talented players.

Two things though caught my attention last night about Carlisle’s rotation.

1). He didn’t play Barea that often and it makes you wonder if this will be a reoccuring theme?

JJ only logged 5-minutes last night. With Rondo in the mix, does that take away JJ from the lineup?

2.) Also, his backup bigs gave him nothing. Craig Smith (Brandon Wright’s replacement) logged 10-minutes but he only had 1-point and 1-rebound. Also Charlie V got in the game for a minute and he just looked awful. If the Mavs are to advance deep in the playoffs this season they will need either more production from those two, or need to look in a new direction in Free Agency for a backup big man.

Overall: It was a great first game for Rondo who literally had about 1-day to learn the Mavs system. It just shows how good this team can be and come playoff time, how dangerous they could become.


(*The bald black dude to the left in front of me is Big Black from MTV’s Rob & Big. Very cool dude.*)


Thanks to the Washington Redskins last night (that’s so uncomfortable to say), the Dallas Cowboys can win today against the Colts and sow up the NFC East.

The Redskins defeated the Eagles last night 27-24. The Cowboys now sit 1.5 games ahead of Philly and just need one more win to put them in.

PREDICTION: The Boys’ take care of business at home. & win DAL-35 – IND-17 

It should be a good game. But you will see a fire out of these Cowboys that you haven’t seen all season. With all eyes on if Murray will be effective for this game, I expect to see a lot of Dez Bryant and Jason Witten in this one.

Well there you have it. Go and enjoy your Sunday. Kick back with a cold one and get ready for Christmas.

Thanks for reading,


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