College football playoff selection sunday – J. Bright’s Picks’

Sunday, December 7, 2014

By: Jeremy Bright

*There’s many more calculations that go into the committees decision but I’m basing mine mostly off of the schedules and the ole’ eye test.

Dallas— The college football playoff selection committee is going to piss some people off today. There’s six deserving teams of the final four spots for college football glory.

Before the weekend the rankings were as follows:

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. TCU

4. Florida State

5. Ohio State

6. Baylor

But then, it got interesting.

Ohio State destroyed a highly talented Wisconsin team 59-0. Baylor beat #9 Kansas State 38-27. Florida State barely beat a good Georgia Tech team. And TCU destroyed a very average Iowa State team.

Most of the highly touted media outlets say that Alabama and Oregon will be number 1 and 2 no matter what. Which I agree with.

So it comes down to who will receive the final two spots.

Florida State is the only undefeated team at the top of the rankings. But they’re strength of schedule and quality of wins weren’t that impressive this season.

TCU is in an interesting spot because they only lost one game like all the others, but they’re loss was to Baylor. Who is in the top 6. And in a game TCU had by 21 points until the end of the game. And they lost 61-58.

Baylor lost to West Virginia earlier in the season. TCU beat West Virginia.

Ohio State’s only loss was at the hand of Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech is unranked. But the argument I keep hearing is at the time, Ohio State was transitioning at the quarterback position and they were missing 4 of their 5 starting offensive linemen.

So who gets the final two spots?

What I think the committee will do. 

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. Ohio State

4. Florida State

I think the committee is going to try and pressure the Big-12 into making a conference championship game. At the moment the Big-12 has no clear champion because of it. TCU and Baylor are co-champions of the conference. I think that’ll handicap them in the final vote and the committee will put Ohio State ahead of both of these teams. How can you not win your conference but be in the final four? Is what they will say. And yes they’ll put Jameis and co. in the final four because they won their conference and haven’t lost all year. The committee can’t possibly justify leaving out an undefeated team, even if they’re season wasn’t that impressive. Plus Ohio State is one of the power teams in college football. It’s all about making money in this business and Ohio State would definitely generate more revenue for college football.

What I would do. 

1. Alabama

2. Oregon

3. TCU

4. Florida State

Consistency in college football would be nice for a change. TCU was ranked ahead of Ohio State and Baylor last week. They handled their business and destroyed Iowa State this weekend. The rankings shouldn’t change.

The Ohio State win over Wisconsin was impressive. Especially with a backup-backup-quarterback at the helm but facts are facts and losses are losses. They lost to terrible team in week 2.

Baylor, may have beat TCU (by-3) but they lost to a very average team. The only thing holding TCU back from being the obvious choice is a close-game with Kansas. Then why isn’t Baylor almost losing to Texas Tech in the conversation? I think Baylor is an amazing team but that loss to West Virginia knocks them out of the conversation.

So it comes down to Ohio State and TCU.

TCU has the edge for me. Ohio State looked really good yesterday. But I don’t think you can just overlook a loss to such a bad team. While TCU’s only loss is by 3 points to a Baylor team who also may be deserving of a final playoff spot.

All teams make compelling cases. But there can only be 4.

The decision is coming soon. All eyes will be on the committee.

Thanks for reading.


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