Cowboys Talk: Romo’s Back

Dallas– The boys’ are in London. *say in British accent*

They take on the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. But the bigger story is Romo’s back. See what I did there. #classicjbrightheadline

He is back after missing last week’s game. And it is a very welcomed return. Brandon Weeden and the Cowboys’ offense looked horrible last week.

-But can his back hold up for the rest of the season?

-Is the risk of Romo getting hurt worth it at this point in the season?

Those are questions that have been the topic of Cowboys conversation lately.

My Take

This is football. As an NFL player you run the risk of injury every time you put those pads on.

With that being said, Romo is a special player. His back is very fragile and one bad hit could end his career for good.

But the Cowboys knew this going into the season. The Cowboys knew this when they threw beaucoup amounts of money at Romo.

There should already be precautions and measures taken in the offensive line and schemes to protect that 100-million dollar investment.

This is nothing new. Sitting him out doesn’t help the Cowboys win games. That was proven last week.

Romo and the Cowboys offense just need to hit hot reads and make quicker throws. There’s many ways Romo should be able to stay safe in the game this weekend.

I watch a team like Denver. And Peyton Manning hardly gets touched. If he does, he sees it coming and the hit isn’t impactful.

Romo must remain aggressive but all of those “Romo Magic”, running around, and spin moves need to be held to a minimum.

As great as Romo is, at this point in his career and for the sake of the longevity of him and this team he needs to either get it out quick or simply throw it away. Limit the hits as much as possible.

Even with an immobile Romo, I believe the Cowboys have a better chance to win than with any other quarterback on this roster.

Play the man because you paid the man. But protect him as best you can through the play calling and hot routes.

Kickoff is @ 12:00pm CT on Sunday.

Thanks for reading.

Go Cowboys!


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