Cowboys v. Seahawks

Dallas—– It’s been a while sports fans. Sorry for the delay. A lot has happened since we last congregated here.

The Mavericks have begun preseason.

The Rangers… yea

The Stars have begun their season.

& The Dallas Cowboys are 4-1. Yes those Dallas Cowboys.

They take on the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks on this Sunday.

Russell Wilson and co. will be looking to protect their homefield where they’ve won the last 18 of 19 games.

Keys to victory (Seattle) :

Wilson and the Seahawks should try and score and score quickly. T.O.P (time of possession) will not be that big of a deal in this game for Seattle. Because the key to beating the cowboys is to take away their running game. And it should be noted that if the Cowboys get down early, coach Jason Garrett will abandon the run completely. The run that has led this Cowboys team to a 4-1 record.

Keys to victory (Dallas) :

It’s quite simple. And it’s not a secret. Run the football.

The Cowboys have recreated a new identity this season. They are a balanced football team. Demarco Murray is the league’s leading rusher, and Tony Romo is a great bus driver and is not making mistakes.

The goal for the Cowboys is the exact opposite from Seattle. They need to control the line of scrimmage and the clock by running that football. Smashmouth Football baby!!! They need to keep Seattle’s amazing defense on the field and tire them out by pounding the ground game and getting first downs.

With all that being said.. it’s prediction time.

Cowboy homer here so you know I’m throwing good vibes into the atmosphere.

Cowboys win this one.

31-28 on a Dan Bailey field goal.

Thanks for reading.

Go Boys’


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