Why UNT has a chance vs. UT

College football season is back in full swing and it couldn’t have come any sooner.

The University of North Texas starts their season off with the powerhouse that is the University of Texas.

Win or lose, this is a step in the right direction for Mean Green football.

Playing against Texas (the school of the state) will be challenging. UT has made some changes recently; hiring Charlie Strong as Head Coach, suspending players for violating team rules, and now they have their own network. UT seems to be on the rise to become a major force in college football once again.

But as is with all rebuilding programs, the first year or so may not go as well as fans hope.

And that’s where North Texas comes in.

UT is vulnerable.

They may not be looking past the Mean Green but anyone with any knowledge on the sport should know that Texas shouldn’t lose to North Texas. But here’s 3 reasons why they might:

north texas

1. New Coach – Charlie Strong would love nothing more than to destroy North Texas and start his Texas career off with a bang. Especially with the way A&M looked the other night, Texas wants to start this season off with a convincing victory. But the fact remains that this is not Charlie Strong’s team. He is the coach but he stepped into a situation where he will have to coach players who were mostly recruited by Mack Brown. These aren’t all Charlie Strong’s first picks in recruiting. He will have to mold these players into a different mindset, a different playbook, and a different atmosphere than there was a year ago. He is coming in with an entirely different scheme and he has not yet had a chance to get players that fit his scheme. I believe that Charlie Strong is a heckuva (new word) coach, but this is the his first game at the helm. It may start off a little bumpy.

2. North Texas Better Than Year’s Past- UNT is better than it’s ever been at football thanks to head coach Dan McCarney. McCarney has transformed this once laughable program into one that is in position to compete for years to come. Last season, UNT played Georgia in a surprisingly close game. Well for 3 quarters it was close. But that game showed that UNT could very well play with the big boys. With McCarney’s scheme and coaching prestige the Mean Green could very well pull off an upset. If they can somehow put it together for 4 quarters instead of 3, UNT could be in position to win this thing.

3. First Game of the Season – In college football, there is no preseason. In many ways this is a preseason game for UT. Most big schools schedule smaller schools to play in order to prepare for their more challenging games. And if you’ve been watching the NFL, the preseason can be rough at times to watch. Players learning the playbook, getting into the right sets on offense and defense, timing with the quarterback and receivers, and cohesion on the offensive and defensive line will be major factors in tonight’s game. Is Texas prepared mentally and physically? Does everyone understand their job completely in a new scheme? Is David Ash ready to become an elite quarterback? Heck even a good quarterback? Will the first game jitters be too much for these players? On the other side, UNT is a complete underdog. They know going in that their chance of winning is mute but, that means that all the pressure is on the home team to perform. UT must put on a good show, for the fans sake, for their alum’s sake, and for their network’s sake. Lose to UNT and they will never hear the end of it.

No matter what happens, this game shall prove to be an entertaining one and I can’t wait for kickoff.

Kickoff is @ 7:00pm CT. On the Longhorn Network.

Thanks for reading.




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