The Josh Brent Debate

Josh Brent is an NFL defensive tackle that most recently played for the Dallas Cowboys.

Brent made national headlines in 2012 for a drunk driving accident that killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown.

The horrific accident led Brent to retire and to focus on his personal life.

He has recently expressed interest in returning to the NFL and Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has said, “there will be a spot on the team”, whenever the NFL ruling for suspension is handed down from Roger Goodell.

The debate on Josh Brent used to be whether or not to let him back in the NFL.

The debate later shifted to how many games should he be suspended for when he does return.

The debate now has moved on to whether or not the Dallas Cowboys should leave a roster spot open for him.

Lets take a look at both sides of this argument.

Why the Cowboys should not allow Josh Brent to return

I firmly believe in second chances.

But would this be best for Brent and the Cowboys?

The Cowboys have a history of signing players who have trouble with the law.

A short list include: Tank Johnson, Pac-Man Jones, Sam Hurd, and Dwayne Goodrich.

Decent players, but many believe they weren’t worth the risk.

But also on this list are Nate Newton and Michael Irvin.

Both great players.

The question then becomes: Does talent trump breaking the law?

For Nate Newton and Michael Irvin Cowboys fans and experts were willing to look the other way at their legal issues because they were great at football.

But those guys are the exception. Josh Brent is not in that class.

He was a 7th round choice in the supplemental draft and while he’s talented enough to play in the NFL, Brent is not an impact game-changing player.

The Cowboys have given Brent something that many don’t think he deserves.

They kept him around the team last season and they promised him a roster spot even though the guy has been out of football for over a season.

The guy should be able to play again. He’s served his time. And has to live with what he’s done for the rest of his life.

But it shouldn’t be for the Cowboys.

A change of scenery could be good for Brent.

He actually may be better off living in a different city instead of living in the city where he accidentally killed his best friend.

*The Other-Side of the Debate*

Why Brent should return to the Cowboys

The Cowboys had the worst defense in the league last season.

The Cowboys defensive line is awful.

Josh Brent if in shape could actually get some crucial minutes this season.

He could help this team win games.

But many still believe he shouldn’t play for this team.

Jerry Brown’s mother, Bernice Brown thinks differently on this situation.

Brown is Brent’s biggest advocate for him getting back on the field.

She’s said she considers Brent a family member and that (Jerry) Brown and Brent were like brothers and that they were both her sons.

She is on record saying “she holds no grudge against Brent”.

She’s forgiven him.

Shouldn’t we?

His off-field issues are a thing of the past.

Brent has put those things behind him and if he can play football then that’s all the Cowboys should be worried about.

The objective in football is to win football games.

If Brent can help them do that, he should play for the Boys’.

The defense was so terrible last season that they can take any help they can get.

And what they should get, is Josh Brent.

Which Side Are You On?!?!?!?!

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