Dos Chandlers & New Cast Improve Mavericks Chances of Winning a Title

The Dallas Mavericks made two key additions this offseason.

They brought in not one but two Chandler’s.

The first was Tyson ‘Chandler’. The big man who anchored the Mavericks to a championship in 2011.

The next was ‘Chandler’ Parsons. The young, sharp shooting, athletic small forward formerly of the Houston Rockets.

The Rockets surprisingly didn’t match Parson’s offer sheet and he became a member of the Dallas Mavericks.

The Mavs also added veteran point guards, Raymond Felton, Jameer Nelson, and returning is Devin Harris.

And the Mavs added forwards, Al Fariouq Aminu and Richard Jefferson.

But did adding these ‘Chandlers’ and the other new players turn the Mavs into legit title contenders?

A lot of local beat writers and columnists say no. They still don’t believe in the Mavericks to be a top tier team in the West.

Here’s why I disagree.

– Last season the Mavericks were one win away from defeating the eventual world champion San Antonio Spurs.

And as good as that team was last season, on paper, the Mavericks definitely improved.

Lets take a look at the current team vs. last years team.

(These comparisons are strictly position by position and projected minutes. Lineup is subject to change.)

PG: Devin Harris vs. Jose Calderon

– At the end of the year and in the postseason Rick Carlisle favored Devin Harris over Jose Calderon in critical game situations. Jose was seen as more of the distributing guard and Devin was the attacking guard. However at the end of the season Harris took the bulk of both roles and Calderon was forced to a lesser role and found himself on the bench in most fourth quarters. Calderon wasn’t bad by any means but $7.5 million for a role player is a little too much money.

*Winner = Harris*

SG: Monta Ellis vs. Monta Ellis

– Monta Ellis’s ceiling is quite scary. He still hasn’t reached his peak but yet he had his best season statistically in all categories last season. Ellis changed his game to fit Carlisle’s system but still kept his attacking mentality. As Mark Cuban stated towards the end of the year, if Monta consistently hits his mid-range jumpers, he’d be unstoppable. Beware other teams because he’s been working on it even more this offseason. Monta Ellis next year will be an all-star.

*Winner = Ellis*

SF: Chandler Parsons vs Shawn Marion

– Chandler Parsons stats look like this ———-

Every year since he’s been in the league he’s progressed in almost every statistical category.

There’s zero reason to believe that he won’t progress this year, with even more responsibility on the court.

The Mavs will most likely utilize him in the offense a lot more than Houston did last season. Which will lead to even better stats for Parsons this season.

Shawn Marion has been the defensive anchor and a team leader for many years with the Mavericks. But father time is undefeated thus far and his time had to come to an end as the starting small forward for Dallas.

#0 will be missed. But, based off potential…

*Winner = Parsons*

PF: Dirk Nowitzki vs. Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk is one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. With even more talent around him, Dirk will continue to shine and barring serious injury, Nowitzki and Co. should be poised to make another run at a title.

Dirk is going to be Dirk. Always has been Dirk. And always will be Dirk. And that’s why the winner is..

*Winner = Dirk*

C: Tyson Chandler vs. Samuel Dalembert

Tyson Chandler is the best Maverick center in Mavericks history.

And that’s sad because he only played one season for Dallas.

But nevertheless Tyson is back and shall be nearly as good if not better than he was in 2011.

Yes he’s a bit older but what he lost in athleticism he’s gained in wisdom.

The guy can hit mid-range jumpers and has a little bit of a post game now.

Also keep in mind this is a contract year for the big man.

He seems to always thrive in contract years.

The last time he was in his last year of a contract was in 2011.

His counterpart, aptly nicknamed the Gentle Giant, Samuel Dalembert never really caught on in Dallas.

Yes, he had certain games where he looked ready to become the defensive leader but then other games he would just disappear.

Toward the end of the year, Dejuan Blair was favored at center more than Dalembert.

The gentle giant was decent but never broke out as the guy Dallas needed him to be.

*Winner = Chandler*

Bench vs Bench

Rick Carlisle is one of the few coaches that knows how to get the most out of his players.

Carlisle’s teams are always at the top of the league in bench points and there’s no reason to say they won’t be again this year.

However, there were some key departures from the Mavs bench this season.

Key Departures:

Vince Carter, Dejuan Blair, Wayne Ellington, and Shane Larkin.

But it can be argued that the bench added even more depth.

Key Additions:

Jameer Nelson, Richard Jefferson, Al Farouq Aminu, Raymond Felton

*Winner = New Bench*

Wins prediction for next season:

55 wins.

Thanks for reading.


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