Half-Man Half-Grizzly

Yes, Lebron James has returned home to Cleveland.

Lets have a moment of silence for Heat Nation and all of its “fans”.

Next topic.

Just a couple of days ago everything seemed to be going the Mavs way.

Chris Bosh was going to go to Houston. He went back to Miami.

Chandler Parsons offer sheet was supposed to be too rich for Houston because they couldn’t get rid of Jeremy Lin’s contract. Lin was traded to the Lakers.

Now Houston has the cap to sign Parsons and it seems likely they will.

When things seemed they couldn’t get worse, former Maverick Vince Carter decides to sign with Memphis.

Carter was supposedly all for coming back to Dallas at a discount like Maverick point guard Devin Harris. But the discount was too much for Carter.

The 37-year-old shooting guard took a 3-year $12.2 million contract from the Memphis Grizzlies.

The reason the Mavericks could not give Carter this much was because they decided Parsons was more important. Carter wasn’t demanding much at all but the Mavericks could only use the rest of their mid-level-exception worth about $2.7 million per-year to sign him.

So it looks likely that Parsons will be gone. Carter is gone. All of the big fish are gone. And the Mavs will be left fishing for bargain fish yet again.

Likely Targets w/ Assessments:

PG/SG: Mo “Buckets” Williams – Great perimeter shooter and ball handler. Would fit perfectly in the Mavs system as did Jose Calderon last season.

SF: Trevor Ariza – Very athletic wing player. Rangy defender with long arms and a capable jump shot. Would also be a nice piece for a reasonable price.

SF: Luol Deng – Very versatile small forward. Good mid-range shooter and capable of being a lockdown defender. Shawn Marion 2.0.

SF: Shawn Marion – He’s been with us for a long long time. #MavsNation knows what he’s about. Although disrespected this entire offseason by Dallas. For the right price. He could be back.

Keep your heads up #MavsNation. If anyone can piece together a competitive team, Donnie and Mark can. (And no not the Wahlbergs).

Thanks for reading!


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