The Waiting Game…


There’s been conflicting reports going on throughout the day involving the Mavericks, the Rockets, and restricted free-agent Chandler Parsons.

It was announced last night that Parsons signed an offer sheet made by the Dallas Mavericks worth about $45 million for 3-years.

Then later reported that the deal was in place but not yet signed, therefore allowing Houston to do a sign-and-trade with Dallas if they wanted.

But that fell through and the offer sheet has indeed been signed and sent to Houston.

Parsons is a restricted free-agent so his current team the Houston Rockets have 72 hours to decide if they would like to match the offer.

The Mavericks made this offer early in the free agency process because the Rockets are heavily pursuing former Miami Heat power forward, Chris Bosh. In order to sign both Parsons and Bosh for salary cap reasons, they need to sign Bosh first and then they can go over the cap and pay Parsons.

So now this gives Houston a much shorter window to get a deal done with Bosh.

In order to make enough cap room for both of these players, Houston must also trade Jeremy Lin and possibly other players from their roster.

Thanks to Dallas.. The Houston Rockets… You are now on the clock.

What this means for Dallas?

Dallas is coming out of the gates aggressive. And unlike last offseason the Mavericks aren’t waiting to see where the big fish land and missing out on the smaller yet more affordable fish.

They saw that they’re likely out of the Lebron/Melo sweepstakes and focused on the next best player.

Now we won’t dive into how Parsons could help Dallas in the future just yet.

The Rockets can still match this offer and I actually believe they will. So before we go and get too excited #MavsNation lets see what Houston does first.

Let the waiting game begin…


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