Chandler Returns


Marc Stein recently reported that the Mavs are in talks to bring back former defensive player of the year Tyson Chandler.

Chandler was undoubtedly the best big man that Dirk Nowitzki has played with since he’s been in Dallas.

His stint with the Mavericks was short-lived but in his one season here he had a great impact. He was arguably the most important piece to the 2011 championship team.

Well now he could be back and the Mavs could surely look a lot different next season.

What will it cost?

As reported by Marc Stein the cost could be two starters, two young players, and both second round picks this season.

The Mavs would give up Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington, and the two picks.

In return the Mavs would receive Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton.

Lets break this down mathematically.

Jose Calderon is due to make about $7 Million per year for 3 more seasons.

Samuel Dalembert’s contract is non guaranteed and the Knicks will probably waive him upon arrival.

Wayne Ellington is due to make $2.5 million next season.

Shane Larkin is still on his rookie contract and showed lots of promise last season in short spurts.

In return the Mavs would receive Chandler and his $14.6 million for one year and Raymond Felton is due to make a little over $4 million over the next three years.

So by doing this trade the Knicks will be shedding both Felton’s contracts and Chandlers while bringing back not nearly as much salary. Creating close to $8 million in cap room. I’m not extremely familiar with the Knicks cap room but they seem to be taking the right steps toward rebuilding.

By doing this trade the Mavs seem certain Devin Harris will return and be starting PG for this season.

As a fan I’m extremely excited. Tyson Chandler is a perfect fit for Dallas and should’ve never been a Knick in the first place.

The centers since he’s left include: Brendan Haywood, Chris Kaman, and Samuel Dalembert.

Welcome back Tyson! You’ve been missed.

Thanks for reading.


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