NBA Free Agency: LBJ or Melo to Mavs?


With the NBA’s free agency almost officially underway, it’s time we take a look at what the Mavs can and should do.

No other team in the NBA will be in a better situation financially than the Dallas Mavericks this summer. Before re-signing Nowitzki, possibly Carter, and Harris, the Mavs will be $32 million under the cap. Which means they should be able to sign a max contract player and bring back the core from last season.

Earlier in the week Carmelo Anthony was the first big name player to opt out of his contract so we’ll start with him. The possibility of Anthony coming to Dallas is pretty slim, but as reported earlier, someone in Anthony’s camp claimed Dallas was on his short list of teams he would like to join. The teams included Dallas, Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles (Lakers).

If Anthony decided Dallas was where he wanted to be then he would likely sign a Max deal worth about $24 million per season. That would leave Dallas with about $8 million in cap room and an interesting situation.

With the way Harris played towards the end of the season and the way Carter has played the last few years in Dallas, the Mavericks would likely want to keep them both.

Due to Carter’s age he would likely not get more money to play elsewhere and he has said that he loves it in Dallas and could see himself retiring here. So he would likely take the vet minimum and sign for cheap. Harris would likely take a 3-year $9 million deal that was actually in place last year before the Mavs medical staff discovered he had a toe injury that would keep him out half of the season.

If the Mavs were to get Anthony, then the question becomes how much of a bargain would Nowitzki be willing to sign for? My guess is… whatever it takes.

With all of these signings, this is what the Mavs could possibly look like for next season.

PG- Jose Calderon

SG- Monta Ellis

SF- Carmelo Anthony

PF- Dirk Nowitzki

C- Samuel Dalembert

pg- Devin Harris

sg- Vince Carter

c- Brandon Wright

sg- Wayne Ellington

sf- Jae Crowder

pg- Shane Larkin

sg- Ricky Ledo

Not too bad. Not too bad at all.

Carmelo Anthony could still be the go-to guy on a championship caliber team and would be in the best situation he’s ever been in to win.

Dallas offers a championship caliber coach (Rick Carlisle), a hall-of-famer in Dirk Nowitzki, a budding star in Monta Ellis, and a cast of role players that fit his style of play perfectly. No other situation seems better in hindsight but if some other teams make some moves here and there then Anthony could likely be swayed in that direction.

Another free agent just hit the market today though. A guy many know well as the King.

LeBron LeMaverick

Yes, Lebron James is now an unrestricted free agent and any team with the cap money to do so would be foolish to not go after one of the best players of all-time.

Lebron James is an intriguing player on many levels. His situation in Miami is more than ideal as he has been to the finals every season he’s been there and opting out may just be a ploy to take less money and rebuild the roster to better compete with the powerhouses of the West. But since this is a Dallas blog, lets entertain the idea that LBJ would want to take his talents to Dallas.

Remember what you just read?

Now read it again but plug Lebron in for Carmelo.

Another selling point for Lebron though is that he could be in the same city as his favorite NFL team. Lebron is actually on the record saying before his professional career is over, he would like to play in the NFL at some point. Why not play for the Dallas Cowboys?

Not only would this make him even more popular, but he would go from elite basketball talent, to sports god.

He would not even have to risk injury and play for long spurts, but he could be a WR/TE specialist of some sort. I’m sure Jason Garrett could find a package for the phenom and use him as possibly a goal-line jump ball specialist.

Whatever the case, any of these two would be welcomed in Dallas and us fans would love to see it happen.

Thanks for reading.


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