NFL Draft 2014 : Cowboys

The Cowboys sit at #16 in tomorrow’s first round of the NFL draft. At 16 there’s a lot of players the Cowboys should be considering. Here’s my short list of who to draft.


1. Aaron Donald – DT – Pitt – He’s exactly what the Cowboys need. A big, physical, super athletic defensive tackle that could anchor a defense. Aaron Donald is the best ranked player on my board behind Clowney and Watkins. I believe Donald has everything needed to translate to a great defensive lineman at the next level. It will be interesting to see if he falls to the Cowboys. Most likely the Boys’ will have to trade up to get him and i’m ok with that. As long as the price isn’t too high.


2. Calvin Pryor – FS – Louisville – Pryor may not traditionally be what the Cowboys are looking for while having Barry Church on the roster but either of these two could easily move to Strong Safety while allowing the other to play Free Safety. Pryor is my number ranked safety ahead of Clinton-Dix. Not only does Pryor have the higher football I.Q. but his closing speed and tackling ability make him the best safety in this draft. The Cowboys would be lucky to have him at 16 if he’s still available as well.


3. Anthony Barr – LB – UCLA – It’s hard to predict this draft with trades and such but if Barr is available the Cowboys should draft him. He was already in town for a workout so the Cowboys would know exactly what they’re getting with this pick. Barr would likely move to DE and be prominently just a pass-rusher. But he’s great value at 16 if he’s still there.


4. Johnny Football – Cowboys fans are split on whether Mr. Football would be a good fit here. As far as drafting a QB in the first round, the Cowboys are on record saying they don’t need one. But if Johnny Manziel is available you have to take him. He’s too talented to pass up at 16. Unless you can trade down and pick up another pick or two. If that’s the case then this next guy would be a good pickup.


5. Timmy Jernigan – DT – Florida State – He recently got caught smoking the reefer. He failed his drug test. But as the great Sam Hurd once said, “The whole league is getting blazed up.” Jernigan can still play football. While I wouldn’t outright select him at 16, If the Boys’ could move down then Jernigan would be a great pick up.


6. Teddy Bridgewater – QB – Louisville – While Bridgewater has slipped in recent Mock Drafts, I still feel he’s the best QB in this draft. Johnny Football is flashy and fun to watch but Bridgewater is a polished decision maker that would be a great addition to this team. While Quarterback isn’t a glaring need, I see two QB’s that are difference makers in this draft. Manziel and Bridgewater. Bortles is also very good but I don’t think he’ll be more than Jake Locker. Bridgewater would also be a great pick up if the Boys’ can pick him up later than 16. But if he’s there it’d be hard to pass on him. He was the consensus number 1 overall selection going into the season.

I see a lot of experts saying the Cowboys’ should go receiver. Please oh please Jerry don’t draft a receiver in the first round unless his name is Sammy Watkins. These receivers in this draft are good but there’s so many of them that you can grab a good one in the later rounds. The Cowboys already have Bryant, Williams, Harris, and Beasley. The offense is not the problem. The defense is what needs work.

Hopefully Donald falls to us at 16.

This should be a great draft.

Tune in tomorrow at 7 p.m. CT on ESPN for all draft coverage.

Thanks for reading!


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