As The Dust Settles

When looking back at the Mavericks 2014 season there was a lot to like. Although the team was an 8-seed in the playoffs, they played as if they belonged. The Mavericks played tough against the top-seeded Spurs, in a very competitive seven game series. But San Antonio was just too much for the Mavericks in the final game.

On the bright side here are some things that Mavs fans can take away from the season that’ll carry over to next season.

– Monta Ellis showed star potential. Donnie Nelson is on record saying that Monta will be unstoppable if he consistently makes his mid range jumpers.

– Dirk Nowitzki may have lost what little foot speed he had but his shot is still as pure as its ever been.

– Rick Carlisle is still what I consider to be a top 3 coach in the league.

– The powder is still dry. (The Mavs have money for free agents.)

Players Returning

PG – Calederon, Larkin

SG – Ellis, Ellington, Ledo

SF – Crowder

PF – Nowitzki

C- Dalembert, Wright

Players who are free agents 

PG – Harris, Mekel

SG – Carter

SF – Marion

PF – Blair

C – James


Players such as Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony will be at the top of the wish list for the Mavericks. But the likeliness of one of these players in Dallas is all but a dream. Lebron has said he’d come to Dallas to play for the Cowboys but he was probably joking when he said it.


More realistic possibilities include Luol Deng and Kyle Lowry. Both of these additions would be welcomed.

What to do with Jose?

Jose Calderon played well in his first season as a Maverick. But he is getting paid like he’s a two-way player, which he is not. He is an offensive specialist. The question going into next year, if he returns, is will Devin Harris seize the starting point guard spot?

Harris was hurt for the first half of last season. With a full season, Harris would’ve most likely taken the starting spot last year.

So if someone will take Jose i’d trade him for the cap space but if you must bring him back, he can contribute to the team. He was very valuable for Dallas this year with his timely three’s and offensive poise.

It’ll be interesting to see what the Mavs do. The powder is once again dry and there’s plenty of money to spend.

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