Mavs Playoff Pregame Show

This will be a short blog.

By now all Spurs or Mavs fans know what it takes to win this next game. For both sides the formula to success is the same. Both of these teams are so similar that each team has the same agenda.

Stop the penetration in the paint and close out hard on the kick out three pointers.

San Antonio’s ball movement is what makes them great. No one player is out there just looking for their shot but they get the best shot possible each time down the floor.

The Mavs can stop this by running the fast break more and not allowing San Antonio to get set up and keep the game at their pace.

But San Antonio is also great in transition, but as I said on Twitter, you’ve got to #pickyourpoison.

ESPN touched on this earlier but I’ll reiterate. Nowitzki must show up and he must have a dominant performance for the Mavs to have a chance. He still has yet to score over 20 points and the Mavericks really need him in this pivotal Game 5.

The Mavs will be without their enforcer, Dejuan Blair as he was unfairly suspended by the NBA for Game 5.

Dalembert, Nowtizki, Marion, and Wright must all play big in Blair’s absence.

Blair didn’t log too many minutes during the regular season so this is not new territory for the Mavs to be without him. It’ll be interesting to see if Carlisle plays Bernard “Sarge” James in this game. He’s shown that he can log valuable minutes when called upon.

The plans are in place and the game shall be a great one.

Be back here after the game for a post recap show.


Mavs 104 – Spurs 101

*Another instant classic that comes down to the last possessions.*

Tip-off is at 6:00 pm CT.


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