Quick Mavs Talk: Homework on Hold

My teacher assigned homework due for tomorrow but the homework must wait. It’s Mavs talk time.


The Mavericks had their chances in the final moments but just couldn’t overcome the Spurs offensive attack losing Game 4. 93-89.

In the waning moments of the game the Mavericks were down just two points. The play was set up for Nowitzki to hand the ball to Ellis on a pick and pop type of play and the Spurs switched Diaw onto Ellis. Ellis then took the ball, spun to his left and tried a left handed layup to tie the game. The ball bounced around the rim and rolled out into Tim Duncan’s hands and the Spurs eventually sealed the win.

The play was a play that the Mavs have run all year at the end of games but why didn’t Nowitzki demand the ball and the shot? In the last two games he’s been more of a decoy than the go-to player and it makes you question whether he’s already passed the torch to his teammates as the clutch man for the Mavs.

Last game it was Carter who received the last shot, this time it was Ellis, with different results.

It’s hard to question Rick Carlisle’s in-game decisions and the play was obviously an option play, but if the Mavs are to win this series, Dirk must be Dirk. He must at least score 20 points. He hasn’t in the first four games and it’s gotten the Mavs a 2-2 tie going back to SA. He scored 19 tonight including a putback to bring the Mavs within one point in the fourth quarter.

Moments before, Boris Diaw drained a wide-open three at the top of the key to put the Spurs up three. The three-pointer was one the Mavs had given Diaw all game but he cashed in when it mattered most.

Dejuan Blair’s untimely ejection in the fourth quarter with about 3 minutes to play after what looked like an accidental kick to Thiago Splitter’s head. The play gave the Spurs the lead and the momentum.

After the game, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaq all agreed it shouldn’t have been an ejection. The play was clearly an accident and if Blair would’ve “acted” like it was more of an accident then he probably wouldn’t have been ejected. The play was one that’s hard to tell the intent of the kick but playoff games should not be decided by the referees. The play should’ve warranted a Technical foul (i guess) and Blair should’ve been allowed to continue play.

Blair ended up with 12 points and 11 rebounds in only 15 minutes of play.

Why Be Optimistic Mavs Fans? 

Dallas has played well on the road. They’re 23-18 this year on the road and have proved they can win in San Antonio. Also Dirk Nowitzki has still yet to get it going and he’s bound to get it going sooner or later. If the Big German can’t find a way to put up more points then the Mavs are done. But in Dirk we trust Mavs Nation. He’s proved time and time again that he can respond to adversity. As a true Mavericks fan, one can expect big things from the big man in Game 5. When the lights are shining brightest is when he comes to play.

Game 5 shall be a great one. Win or lose, the Mavs have proven that they still belong amongst the elite. But winning is all that people will remember. So they must get it done in Game 5.

More on the game coming soon closer to tip-off Wednesday.


Yu Darvish still couldn’t figure out Oakland and the Rangers lost 4-0. The bigger story here is what happened to the hitting? The Ranger bats were dead tonight.

Ok. Now time to complete this homework.

Thanks for reading.


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