Series = 2-1

Dallas— The Dallas Mavericks got the win yesterday -109-108 – against the Spurs to take a 2-1 series lead. The Mavericks got the victory because Vince Carter drained a three in the corner in the final seconds. It was the same shot he missed in the 2001 playoffs against the 76ers. “Redemption”.

Once the shot went in, the crowd went nuts. While walking out of the stadium, the crowd was still going crazy. Peep the video below.

Mavs Fans

The Mavs proved that they not only deserve to be up in this series. But they are real contenders this year. Not to put the cart before the horse, but if the Mavericks win this series they should be able to beat anybody.

The Spurs are supposed to be the best team in the league. Can the Mavs do the near-impossible and defy all of their critics and win this series?

If so, they must stick to the formula. Which is just playing as hard as possible.

I’ll admit, I was wrong about Jose Calderon. He showed up the last two games and really helped the Mavs to both victories. He scored 16 pts on 7-10 from the field yesterday and he is key in this series. He must continue to make timely shots, not turn the ball over, and ignite the fast break. There’s no stopping Tony Parker but him and the other Mavs guards have really done a nice job of slowing him down.

The scary thing for Spurs fans is that Dirk Nowitzki still hasn’t scored over 20 pts in this series and the Mavs are still up 2-1. He is steadily progressing each game going from 11 pts, to 16 pts, to 18 yesterday, but he still hasn’t caught fire the way the big German can.

Monta Ellis was incredible when the Mavs needed him yesterday and he really has taken the role of a Star on this team. He scored 29 pts on 12-22 shots from the field.

When he originally came to the team people kept saying he will be Dirk’s sidekick. And that he will need to find his role on the team. He didn’t have to find a role, he made himself a role. Star player.

That doesn’t mean I think Monta in any way is better than the great Nowitzki but I think they are two stars coexisting on the court rather than Ellis being a sidekick.

Great win by Dallas but that was only Game 3. If the Mavs can go out and take care of business on their home court tomorrow night then they can almost celebrate. The job is not done yet.

Great win though. And great shot by Half-man Half-Amazing.

Next game the Spurs will be even hungrier. They will try to get to the basket as much as possible. The keys to the game will be Samuel Dalembert (who’s played great the last two games) Brandon Wright, and Dejuan Blair. The bigs will have to not foul but also be aggressive on the defensive side of the ball.

Prediction Time :

The Mavs protect the rim and home court and take a decisive 3-game lead.

Final Score:


*High Scoring*

Well that’s my time. You’ve been a great audience.

Keep reading the blogs. 🙂

And sorry about the lateness of this post. It’s been a crazy week. J. Cole was at UNT thursday.

J. Cole

& between work, final projects, and Mavs games. It’s hard to write everyday. But i’ll try my best to bring you the latest Dallas Sports news in a timely manner.

Mavs game

In other sports news..

The Stars and Rangers both lost today. The Stars lost in the final 2 minutes of the game, when the Ducks score two to tie it up. And 1 in OT. Great season for the Stars. Get em’ next year. The Rangers also blowing a lead to Seattle losing 6-5.

Also Donald Sterling has for a long time been known as a racist and he should have been kicked out of the NBA long ago. I’m glad the NBA is finally doing something about it but this investigation should’ve happened years ago.

Ok now that’s really my time. You’ve been wonderful.

Thanks for reading.


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