8th Seed Triumph

The Dallas Stars don’t get much coverage on JBrightSports and that’s a shame. They are a great story. They’re very similar to that NBA team they share an arena with.

The Stars are the 8-seed in the NHL Playoffs.

The Mavericks are the 8-seed in the NBA Playoffs.

The Stars have won one Stanley Cup.

The Mavericks have won one NBA Championship.

(won one lol)

Neither one of these teams were expected to be in the position that they’re in, being in the playoffs with a chance to upset the number 1-seeds, but both of these teams are right where they want to be.

The Stars shut-out the Mighty Ducks last night 3-0. Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen was unbelievable saving 37 goals. They will need another effort like this if they want to win tomorrow night @ 7:00pm CT.

The Mavericks will be looking to get their first-win at the same exact time tomorrow night. The best thing about having both games on at the same time is.. = No commercials!

The Mavericks have their game plan on how to stop the Spurs which is a relatively simple one. Keep Tony Parker out of the lane & keep Tim Duncan off the boards. As easy as this sounds in theory, there’s a reason the Spurs had the best record in the league this year and are the defending Western Conference champs. If stopping Parker and Duncan were so easy, then it would’ve been done by someone by now.

The Mavericks made an interesting non-move this week. They decided to not start Devin Harris and continue to start Jose Calderon. The media is saying this is a good move by Carlisle and company but i’m not quite sure. Maybe Harris shouldn’t start but should it be Jose Calderon?

Devin Harris has made an impact this season ever since coming back from injury. He and Brandon Wright must’ve been rehabbing together because their chemistry on the court is a beautiful thing to watch. That chemistry alone should be enough to warrant keeping Harris as a sort of 6th-man but why not start them both?

Carlisle is smarter than the average coach because he values his bench production and team production as a whole rather than just his starting five. Just because the starting five start the game, doesn’t always mean they’ll finish it. Brandon Wright and Devin Harris were both on the floor in the final minutes of Sunday night’s loss to the Spurs. So who cares who starts as long as the right guys are in there to finish?

For Jose Calederon this has got to be one of the worst match-ups defensively for him. Not only is Tony Parker quick but with the fluidity of San Antonio’s offense, it’s almost impossible for him to catch-up to the ball and close out on shooters. Jose has never been a defensive minded player and while his shooting is valuable, defense wins championships. I know this may not be conventional but why not give the rookie Shane Larkin some playing time? Not saying he should start (even though i’m suggesting it and quickness wise he could be a Roddy B of some sort against the Spurs) but why not play him?

I get that Calderon knows the offense. I understand he’s like a Quarterback at point guard. I even understand that you’re paying him a hefty sum to be the starter of this team. But for this particular match-up, Calderon might need to give up some of his already given up minutes.

I hope he proves me wrong but if he is your supposedly starting point guard, why is his “backup” playing the bulk of the minutes?

It’s not all on Calderon though. He’s never been one to takeover a Mavs game. It’s up to the two stars to shine. Monta Ellis and Dirk Nowitzki must find a way to get it going in Game 2.


Mavs win big. 112-98.

Even though they lost, the Mavericks exploited some Spurs weaknesses. If they can attack the rim, get to the line more, and hit some shots they will easily get a victory and split the series 1-1.

Bring on Game 2!


Thanks for reading..

*J. Cole is coming to UNT* —1 more day—


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