Mavs Put Up Easter Egg in Final 8 Minutes

The Mavs must have been taking shooting lessons from Shelden, because they couldn’t find the basket at the end of the 4th quarter.


The Dallas Mavericks had the lead and with 7:45 remaining in the game. They were up 81-71 but would not score another point until it was too late.

The San Antonio Spurs are the best at in-game adjustments. Greg Poppovich is a mastermind when it comes to the X’s and O’s of basketball.

Early in the game Devin Harris was getting wherever he wanted to on the court. He was throwing up lobs to Brandon Wright and making mid-range jumpshots at will. Then all of a sudden with 7:45 to play something changed.

The penetration for the Mavs dissapeared. It’s not that the Mavs stopped driving, it’s just that San Antonio decided if they were going to stop the dribble penetration. With Nowitzki’s shot not on at all today, the Spurs collapsed the paint and made Dallas take outside shots. Usually the Mavs are willing to accept this challenge but today they just didn’t have it.

The 4th quarter is where the stars shined brightest in this game. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan went to work and didn’t allow Dallas to get back in the game towards the end.

With all that being said, it’s not all bad for Dallas. They showed themselves that they can and probably should beat this San Antonio team. They should’ve won this game. Especially when you look at how poorly Ellis and Nowitzki both played offensively, Carlisle and the crew have to be encouraged by this effort.

Ellis and Nowitzki both had only 11 points each, both on 4-14 shooting from the field.

If they can get just a little more offensively from these two great players, then the Mavs have a good shot of winning this series.

Don’t lose faith yet Mavs nation. The playoffs have just begun. All the away team looks for is one on the road.

Do the Mavs have enough to get it done?

We’ll see Wednesday @ 7:00pm CT.

Thanks for reading..


2 thoughts on “Mavs Put Up Easter Egg in Final 8 Minutes”

  1. yO YO JEREMY, I always enjoy reading your thoughtful and interesting blogs. Keep up the good work! Mavs have a shot at game 2. He is risen indeed!!!

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