Easter Sunday & Mavs!


(don’t go getting all offended now. It’s just a picture. lol. Happy Easter)

Firstly I would love to be with my family on this Easter Sunday (shoutout to the Bright’s), but life is unexpected and school doesn’t care what holiday it is. With that being said… It’s almost tipoff for the Dallas Mavericks’s 2014 playoff run. Yes i’m predetermining a full run during this playoffs and this is why..

Rick Carlisle should and will play a lot more Devin Harris on the Spurs quicker guards. As great a shooter Jose Calederon is, he CANNOT guard Tony Parker.

The Mavs will play their zone and force Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli out of the lane. Making them jump shooters.

Speaking of jump shooters, the Mavs must find and defend the perimeter against guys such as Danny Green and Marco Bellenelli. If they find the Spurs shooter’s then the Spurs can’t spread the floor how they like.

Tenacity on the glass will be key. Can the Mavs keep Leonard, Splitter, and Duncan off the glass. That will be essential if the Mavs are to win.

As my coach always said in high school, “Play smart, play hard, and play together.” The Mavs do that, they can pull off the upset.

*Prediction time*

Mavs come out on top. 112-106.

How can he pick the Mavs even though their the 8th seed?

Not only will i pick them in this game. But I pick the Mavs in the series. The Spurs are great. They have the best record this year going into the playoffs. And while they’ve won the season series, Dallas presents an odd matchup for them.

What makes the Spurs great is their deep bench and their system in which Pop can plug any player into it and it still works flawlessly. The Mavs don’t quite have this system but they also have a very deep bench. The bench is often times more productive than the starting five.

Both benches average about 36 points per game. The stars will shine, but it’ll come down to whose team is deepest in this one. I give the slight edge to the Mavs.

One thing is for sure. This will be one heck of a series.

Thanks for reading!

Go Mavs!

Tip off is @ 12:00pm CT.

(I hope there’s a TV in the Lab on campus. I swear i’m not about to watch this on ESPN’s gamecast.)



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