Last Night

In honor of last night. I present to you… Diddy

That song doesn’t have much to do with anything but it was in my head when I wrote the title of this article.


The Dallas Mavericks lost to the Memphis Grizzlies in overtime 106-105. Despite Monta Ellis’s clutch performance and Dirk Nowitzki’s 30 points the Mavs didn’t have enough in the end to edge out the Grizzlies. Now the Mavs will face the first-place San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the playoffs.

The Texas Rangers on the other hand won yesterday 3-2 in walk-off fashion. It was an Ace Showdown between Yu Darvish and Felix Hernandez but it came down to the both bullpens in the end. The Rangers pen was sharper and allowed the Ranger bats to finally come alive.

The best part of last night was the endings of both of these games were happening simultaneously. Right after Leonys Martin got the game-winning RBI, Monta Ellis’s jumpshot rimmed out off the back of the iron. It was Dallas sports heaven.

Then I flipped over to the Dallas Stars game and they were down 3-0. They almost came back and won the game but fell to the Ducks 4-3 in their first playoff game.

Was Bombay coaching the Ducks last night?

Quack. Quack. Quack. Quack.

The Stars will try to avenge their loss tomorrow night in Anaheim @ 9pm CT.

The Mavericks will play the Spurs in San Antonio on Sunday. Recent history doesn’t give the Mavs a shot at all but I beg to differ. The stats on these two teams aren’t as lopsided as you would think. And it’s only right that the road to the Finals starts with the defending Western Conference champions.

I’ll have more for y’all later tonight. I have to go to work 😦

Come back to the blog tonight for Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs playoff preview. Including stats from the season series. Also we’ll talk Stars and their upcoming playoff game. & we’ll get into some Cowboy talk. Are they trying to tank for Winston in 2015? All this and more tonight on

Thanks for reading..

“play me out diddy”

*Diddy* “last night”


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