Dallas Mavericks: What do they have to do to get into the postseason?


With the standings how they are, the Mavs control their own destiny.


The schedule is set up for a great Western Conference showdown.

The formula is a simple one.

Win tonight and clinch a spot.

Win both and lock-up the 7th seed.

Lose tonight & win the next game & they’re in.

All the Mavs have to do is win one-game and they’re in the playoffs for the 13th time in 14 seasons.

The match-ups are interesting. Do the Mavs want the Thunder or Spurs in the first round?

But they must make the playoffs first before any of this talk can begin. And that starts tonight. Win and they’re in!

He’s better than Yu! 

Yu Darvish pitched phenomenally last night as the Rangers got the W in the 12th inning in Walk-off fashion. Darvish threw 8 shutout innings against a much better Astros team than last years. It seems as if Yu always almost gets a no-no against the Astros and it’s just a matter of time before the Ace throws a perfect game or no-hitter against them. Yu Darvish is the real deal and with each day his stock grows and grows. If Rangers management is up for it, they might want to consider re-upping Darvish to a very long extension.

Show him the money!!!! 

Thanks for reading.. Mavs recap coming up right after the game. & yes i will be in attendance.

MAVS GAME @ 7:30 CT.


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