Dallas Mavericks v. San Antonio Spurs Preview

This is how the standings look as of right now.


With San Antonio pretty much guaranteed the number 1 seed in this years Western Conference, tonight’s game becomes that much more important to the 7th-seeded Mavs.

On one hand if the Mavs win tonight, they will be in a great position going into the final two games against PHX & MEM. They will also have beaten the Spurs and have a better chance of avoiding them in the first round of the playoffs.

But if they do win, and prove they can beat the mighty Spurs, would the Mavs then possibly want to play San Antonio in round 1? If they can beat them, why not play the Spurs first?

Logic says that the Mavs should try to avoid the only 60 win team this year if at all possible. The Mavericks have lost to the Spurs in the last 8 games these two have faced each other.

If the Mavs win out, then they will not have to worry about a scenario where they would play SA at all. But if they do compete and possibly win tonight, an 8 v. 1-seed lone-star showdown might not be the worst thing in the world for Dallas & it sure would make for some great TV.

*Keys to victory* 

For the Mavs tonight, the formula will be like any other game. Get the ball to the 10th leading scorer of all-time and hope it goes in. Monta Ellis will have to be sharp and I expect to see a lot of getting to the basket and hopefully a lot of free-throws for him and the rest of the cast. Free-throws will be key as the Spurs don’t make many mistakes during a game.

Expect to see more Devin Harris in this one as well to match-up with the Spurs quick guards. To win, the Mavs must get on the glass often and early and stop the kick out threes.


I’ve been rather wrong lately in my predictions but this being a Dallas blog and me being a Dallas fan, i believe my Mavs can win every night. Most analysts will say the Spurs will win this one. But i’m going with my gut and i’m predicting a Mavs victory. 102-98. The 8th-seed is in the playoffs but the Mavericks don’t belong there. With a win tonight, they will be sitting right where they need to be going into the last two games. Call it wishful thinking if you’d like but if you’re a Mavs fan you’ve gotta believe.



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