UConn-ect 4 The Win!

See what i did there in the title.

Like the game. Connect 4. Clever.


Ok. Now on to Basketball.

Shabazz Napier is the real deal.

UConn proved me and many other doubters wrong and beat the Kentucky Wildcats 60-54 tonight.

Banned from last years’ postseason, the Huskies were out to show the world that this year they were for real. And they did just that. Led by the amazing Shabazz Napier, the Huskies won their 4th NCAA Championship and have yet to lose in a Championship game.

*How they did it*

They kept the game at their pace. They played Kevin Ollie styled basketball. They were far more aggressive the entire game and overall just kept getting good looks at the basket. The Huskies ball movement was incredible and it looked as if the ball was on a string. It swung from player to player with such fluidity, and whenever Shabazz would get the ball, you just knew it was going in. Napier went 8-16 shooting, adding 4 three-pointers, and six rebounds.

Kentucky tried to get it going and James Young was good tonight but they just couldn’t find their rhythm. Kentucky had their chances to win but they couldn’t get the ball to go in. Towards the end of the game, when Aaron Harrison took a three with Kentucky down 4, even that didn’t go. And he never misses.

Interestingly at the end of the game Kentucky decided not to foul UConn in the closing minutes. Coach Calapari after the game said, “those guards were not going to miss. Our best chance was to get a stop and get the ball back.”

He was probably correct, the Huskies went 10-10 from the line today and all of the free-throws were by guards.

*Coach Kev* 

Kevin Ollie (who i just found out was born in Oak Cliff & is a big Cowboys fan via CBS11) separated himself as an elite coach in this tournament run. A lot of experts were saying that this is still Jim Calhoun’s team and that he wouldn’t be capable of leading them to a Championship so early in his tenure as head coach, but he proved them all wrong tonight. Kevin Ollie’s in game adjustments were all just at the right time. From substitutions to in-game play-calls, all of his moves were on point tonight.


It’s too tough to predict what the future holds for these programs because Kentucky’s whole team could leave and UConn will lose Napier. These teams could look entirely different come next year so we’ll save the predicting for a couple months.

All i know for now is, UConn are Champions once again and most likely will be in Men’s and Women’s basketball for 2014.

—-North Texas is the greatest place for any event. Jerry Jones should fire himself as GM and just stick to booking events. He’s much better at that, than running a football team.—-

Thanks for reading.

Coming up: 

Mavs Playoff Run

Rangers – Is everything ok in Texas?

NFL Draft

& more…


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