Do the Mavericks still have a chance?

As of right now this is what the standings look like in the Western Conference.


Dallas is a half game back of the Suns and a full game back of the Grizzlies.

This is what the remaining schedule looks like for Dallas.


The most interesting part of this is that we close with the two teams we’re trying to catch. So theoretically if the standings were to look exactly like they are now by April 12th, then the Mavs would control their own destiny to reach the playoffs.

Sacramento is on the schedule twice – very winnable games. Utah should be a win, as well as the Lakers should be an easy win. The Spurs game will be interesting to watch because if the Mavs make the playoffs and wind up in the 8th seed, then San Antonio will likely be the first round matchup.

The schedule is set-up perfectly for a Mavs run at the end of the season and a playoff berth, if the Mavs can somehow find a way to beat PHX and MEM and win most of the remaining nine games.

Last night’s loss was a tough one but these Mavericks aren’t done yet.


It’s hard to say that the Mavericks played bad last night because they really didn’t. It wasn’t until the last five minutes that they couldn’t make a shot.

Chris Paul did his normal takeover at the end of the game and there was really nothing the Mavs could do about it. He was unbelievable.

Bob Ortegel said it best last night when he said the Mavs got way too into themselves at the end of the game. The ball movement stopped on offense and it became iso ball. Dirk’s iso’s are one thing but when you’ve got Monta and Vince also trying to isolate to score, you’re going to get yourself in trouble. The Mavericks stopped executing and while they were getting some stops defensively, the offensive movement was just abysmal. You’ve got to keep making the defense work, especially at the end of a close game.

Here’s the box score from last night.



Bottom Line:

Monta 4-19? Got to do better. And get to the line more.


The first 43 minutes of the game were great. If they play like that the rest of the way then they’ll be hard to stop.

Again, the schedule is in the Mavs favor. These last nine are all must-wins and it’s time to leave it all out on the court.

Thanks for reading.



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