Pre-game: Mavs v. Clippers Tonight @ AAC.

The Mavericks are in a weird spot with the regular season winding down. They have a chance to possibly get to the five seed in the playoffs or they could miss it entirely. As it stands now, the Mavs are in ninth-place in the West at 43-29. They are tied with Phoenix but Phoenix has the tie-breaker.

The Clippers are coming into tonight’s game having won six out of the last eight in this series. They are 50-22 and sit in 3rd place in the West.

Keys to victory: 

To win this game the Mavs formula is simple. Stop the Clippers from the inside then out. The focus must be on the bigs for LA, Griffin & Jordan. Griffin is averaging 24.3 points per game and he doesn’t take many outside shots. Jordan is averaging 13.7 rebounds on the season so keeping him out of the paint will be no easy task. It will also be harder to complete this task because Dalembert may not suit up tonight because of back stiffness. The big man’s play over the last couple of games have been phenomenal for Dallas and they will need him if he can go.

Chris Paul will be a handful for sure. Even with Devin Harris and Jose Caledron switching up on guarding him, he is probably the best facilitator in the league. He is the engine that runs that team. If somehow the Mavs can slow him down, not stop him because that’s impossible, but slow him down, then they have a chance.

Things to watch: 

When CP3 had to miss about a month of basketball earlier in the season it was against Dallas that he was injured. I don’t wish injury upon any player but just keep in mind that this did happen against the Mavs earlier in the season.


Will the Mavericks make more three-pointers, than the Clippers have dunks tonight? Keep a look out for that.

Tip-off is @ 7:30 tonight C/T.

Be back later!

Thanks for reading.


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