Quick Blog: Don’t Stop Believing

The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in an overtime thriller tonight. (Mavericks 128- Thunder 119)

As soon as they rip your heart out, they somehow find a way to make you believe again. With only ten games remaining in the regular season, a Mavs-Thunder playoff matchup could be possible. Could the Mavs beat the Thunder in a 7-game series? Quite possibly if they play every game the way they played tonight.

Dirk Nowitzki was back to 2011 Championship Run Dirk Nowitzki. He simply took over the game when needed dropping in 32 points. Dirk’s intensity is what set him apart from the others on the court today as he snagged 10 boards in the win. It’s a lot to ask of the old German to carry the team every night, but when he plays like this, the Mavs are very hard to beat.

Jose Calderon showed why the Mavericks pay him handsomely as he was also incredible today. Adding 6 timely three-pointers.

This game also showed that Kevin Durant is absolutely the MVP this season. He could be the best scorer the game has ever seen. He had 43 points in the losing effort.

The last ten games will be crucial and every game counts. Can the Mavs get to the playoffs? It’s up to the guys in the locker room. They control their own destiny.

Next game – v. Clippers in Dallas on Thursday. Should be a good one.

Thanks for reading.

New Article hitting the streets tomorrow.



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