N-Word Ban Will Have To Wait

As the NFL’s owners meeting concluded Wednesday many rules were changed.

– The goalposts were raised five feet higher in the air.

– Recovery of loose balls is now a reviewable play.

– Outside of two minutes the clock will continue to run after a quarterback being sacked.

– The officials will be able to talk with booth officials during replay reviews to speed up the calls on the field.

– & No more dunking on the goal posts after touchdowns. Sorry Jimmy Graham.

Out of all of these new rule changes, possibly the most controversial of the rules in question has been postponed until at least next year. Banning the N-Word was proposed at this years owners meeting sparking a debate everywhere if this is a good idea.

Lets end this debate here. No. Banning the N-Word is one of the dumbest things i’ve ever heard.

You can’t ban the N-Word without banning all “offensive” words. That just opens up a can of worms that can’t be closed. Offensive words are everywhere.

Richard Sherman, the man of many words said it best in this interview.


Football is becoming the anti everything league. Soon there will be so many rules they will need robots to play the game. There’s no way a normal human being can play this game with passion anymore if you penalize people for talking.

Now, banning the N-word might sound good to certain people in theory but, wouldn’t banning something just make it that more powerful when used?

This generation of black folks have taken a terrible racist word and have turned it into just another word. That’s what happens over time. Things that used to be hateful or hurtful can become something else entirely. Yes when used in a hateful way the N-word can be negative but that’s usually with any term. If you have hate in your voice then it doesn’t matter what you say, whatever you say is hateful.

It leads me to wonder is there that many players on the field saying hateful things using the N-word that it should be banned? I can only think of instances that the use of the N-word is in a playful encouraging nature. For example.

“Good hit my nigga.”

“These niggas can’t stop me.”

“Nigggggggaaaaa.. you see that new cheerleader over there?”


“Nigga block!”

I imagine Tony Romo saying that last one.

All jokes aside, I just find it hard to take the NFL seriously when they say they want to ban a word that’s offensive but yet there’s still a team named the Redskins.


Thanks for reading & letting me vent.


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