Mavs Postgame – No WiFi

If you were awaiting live tweets from the game my apologies. Apparently you need the Mavs Wifi password to send a tweet to the masses. Or my phone sucks. But that’s not even the thing that most concerned me tonight.

The Brooklyn Nets strolled into the AAC and ground out a crucial win against the Dallas Mavericks in overtime.

Final Score: 107-104.

It was Coach Kidd’s first time to come back to Dallas as a coach and it so happened to be his birthday. The Nets gave him a great birthday present and wore down a Mavs team that just didn’t have it tonight.

The leader of this “didn’t have it” effort was Dirk Nowitzki. He only made one shot in regulation and added two free throws to have a measly 4 pts. He got it somewhat going in overtime and ended the game with 10 pts. It was so disappointing to see Monta Ellis and Samuel Dalembert’s great effort wasted because the Big German couldn’t find his shot. Honestly, if Coach Rick didn’t put Dirk back in the game with 3 minutes to go the Mavs might have closed the game out in regulation. It’s hard to argue with Carlisle for putting the franchise’s best player ever in crunch time but he couldn’t hit anything today. Is the Ghostface Drillah slowing down?

It’s hard to lose faith in Dirk but the Mavericks needed this one and he pretty much disappeared on the offensive end. This loss puts the Mavs in 8th place in the West. Only a 1/2 game ahead of the Suns. So the Mavs could realistically miss the playoffs for the second straight season.

After winning the championship Cuban said this team was not in rebuilding mode. If the Mavericks miss the playoffs again then it might be time to be.

Good Things From The Game: Samuel Dalembert recorded a double-double and was 3 blocks away from a triple-double. His line looked like: 12 pts, 15 rebounds, 7 blocks. Great game from the big-man but once again wasted in the loss.

Monta Ellis was at it again scoring 32 points and almost saved the game with two late three-pointers that looked like something out of a video game. If the third three to tie it up would’ve went in at the end of OT1 then the crowd (those of us remaining) would’ve went insane.

Coach Kidd’s return reaction was amazing. He was greeted to a standing ovation by the crowd. “Once a champion, always a champion” -Tweeted by my boy @EarlKSneed

It was a weird game full of its ups and downs but one thing remains true. If the Mavs can’t get their stuff together, they may be watching the playoffs from home once again.

Thanks for reading.

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