He’s Baaaaaaaaackk: No Demarcus Ware – Take 2

Unfortunately my blog from this weekend erased itself. 😦 But I brought it back to life through memory. Excuse it’s outdatedness as it was written this weekend.

Lets recap what’s happened since the last post.

Dirk Nowitzki passed John Havilcek on the all-time points list.

The great Roddy B had a workout with the Boston Celtics and seems poised for a thunderous return to the NBA.

March Madness is right around the corner.

Ian Kinsler apparently hates Jon Daniels.

& the NFL is trying to ban the N-word.


In the words of the one and only Lil Wayne “Sorry for the wait” *Weezy voice*

Demarcus Ware to many was the face of a mediocre defense and team during his whole tenure as a Dallas Cowboy. While he was an outstanding player, the wins for the team just didn’t happen.

Jerry Jones made a tough decision to cut Ware but it may have been the best move Jerry’s made in the last ten years. Ware simply just had to go due to salary cap issues. If Jerry would’ve made better decisions with the other contracts then maybe Dallas would’ve had the cap space to bring Ware back. But they simply couldn’t afford him.

For D. Ware it won’t be all bad. He’ll be a Hall of Famer. He’ll go into the Cowboys Ring of Honor. He’ll be loved here forever. And now he gets to go to a better team that has a chance of winning a Super Bowl. Ware will be just fine.

As for the Cowboys, they’re future depends on a good draft and finding some hidden talent in free agency that they can get a bargain for. Replacing Ware will take a village, not just one player.

**Update* The Cowboys have signed Henry Melton (DT). One domino is in place. It’ll be interesting to see what else Jerry does to the defensive line. *

Inside the NBA 

The Great Dirk Nowitzki continued his quest for greatest shooter ever when he passed Jon Havilcek on the All-Time scoring list. I predict at least 30,000 points by the time Nowitzki calls it quits. Which will put him 6th on the all-time scoring list.

-Roddy B watch 2014- According to HoopsHype.com Roddy Beaubois is getting workouts after finally being medically cleared to play. Could we see a Roddy return to the AAC? With Devin Harris and Monta Ellis playing through injuries right now, it could make sense to give Roddy B a look. But that could just be wishful thinking. I doubt the Mavs bring back the injury-prone combo guard, although it’d be really fun to see.

To the Baseball Diamond 

Ian Kinsler made headlines a while back with his comments regarding the Rangers and Jon Daniels.

The media is all about trying to find the next quote that’ll stir up controversy. Players aren’t allowed to speak their minds without being criticized. While Kinsler’s comments were oddly timed, he was just saying his opinion. When was the last time you know of someone who was fired and then spoke amazing things about the guy who fired them? Never. Kinsler probably still wants to be a Ranger and he was speaking out of anger. I don’t think we should question his character after one statement.

Next on jbrightsports….

Nigga. Should it be banned in the NFL?

Thanks for reading.. 🙂


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