Dallas Mavericks: Post Trade Deadline

The Dallas Mavericks didn’t make any trades this season. They felt that their team was good enough to compete right now and they like where they are personnel-wise. The Mavericks are currently 33-23 which places them in 8th place in the West.

Originally as a Mavs fan i was frustrated with the lack of a move. It’s not like the Mavs have been tearing though the rest of the league. They sit in the last playoff spot in the very competitive Western Conference with a tough road ahead.

Donnie Nelson told the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, “I had a chance to sit down with obviously Mark (Cuban) and Rick (Carlisle) and just felt that the price of change was too high.”

The decision to not make a move may have been the unpopular choice but it looks like it may have been the smartest choice. Shams Charania says, “Should he get buyout to become a free agent, Danny Granger will likely decide among Heat, Clippers, Bulls, Spurs, Mavs.” -@ShamsCharania

Also today, the Knicks announced they will release Beno Udrih and Metta World Peace for cap reasons. While these names aren’t superstar quality, there was no real chance to land a superstar this year anyway.

Adding depth is the main concern for the Mavs going forward. With Nowitzki and Ellis leading the team, it’s about finding the right pieces around these two that’s going to ultimately get this team some playoff victories. Bringing in Metta World Peace, a guy who when formerly named Ron Artest flourished within the Rick Carlisle system, would mean a lot in terms of physicality and toughness. Also Beno Udrih is a guy that the Mavs have liked since he entered the league in 2004. While they may not pick up many minutes, the Mavs have shown that they know how to use specialty players.

Danny Granger is interesting because there’s many question marks surrounding him. Can he return to the guy who averaged 20+ points per game? If he chooses Dallas, they will be happy with just half of that production. Here he can come to a team that already has two established Small Forwards in Marion and Carter and the pressure to perform will be non-existent. The former All-Star if he returns to form could theoretically steal a prominent spot in the rotation though.

Rick Carlisle was the head coach of the Pacers in 2005 and he was the man who drafted Granger. He had this to say about Granger on draft day 2005. “If we would’ve had the fifth pick, he would’ve been the best player available. That’s how strongly we felt about Danny Granger’s abilities to not only play in this league but contribute on our team. We’re very fortunate tonight, and very happy.”

Seems like a perfect fit.

The Mavericks still may need some Center depth but what big men are available? These guys are available and will not demand a high price. The Mavs would be smart to sign them as soon as possible.

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