Weekly Update: NBA All Star Edition

This weekend the NBA took a break from the regular season to enjoy the All-Star festivities in the fun city of New Orleans.

Kevin Hart stole the show once again in friday’s celebrity game winning his third consecutive celebrity game MVP award even though his team lost. The often not so humble Hart then surprisingly handed his award to the more deserving Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. The Secretary was doing everything for his team with a stat line of 20 pts, 10 feb, and 7 assists. The Rising Stars game was also played last night but with the lack of defense played I didn’t care to watch it.

NBA All-Star weekend over the years has become one of the most entertaining weekends in all of sports. All-Star Weekend is a chance for fans and players to relax from the strenuous regular season and enjoy some star-studded events, such as the fan favorites the Dunk Contest and Three-Point Contest which is airing tonight at 7:00.

In honor of the stars on the court and the fun of the weekend, lets have a little fun today.

If the NBA All-Stars of the weekend were compared to football players, which player would they be?

We’ll be comparing the All-Stars starters to their football counterparts and this has no real science behind it, just opinion. So comments are welcome if you disagree with my selections.

(The following is in no particular order except for East and West).


1. Kevin Durant = Peyton Manning.

Kevin Durant is the most prolific scorer in the NBA. He may be on his way to break the all-time points record. Peyton Manning is a touchdown machine and despite his terrible Super Bowl performance he’s still the best offensive player in the game. The comparison is undeniable.

2. Blake Griffin = Marshawn Lynch.

If Blake Griffin had a nickname on the court it would be Beast Mode. Blake Griffin has a Marshawn Lynch mentality to the game and wants to destroy everyone in front of him. He is a brute offensively and defensively and his mind-set on the court is what made me make this comparison. They are very different off the court/field but on the court/field they are very similar.

3. Kevin Love = Jimmy Graham

Kevin Love is a rebounding machine and deadly outside shooter.  He’s a big body and takes up plenty of room on the court. Jimmy Graham also has this commanding presence. He’s Brees’s number one target and is the Top TE in the league. Love is the best PF in the league. Graham was destined for this list, he does a dunk on the goal post after every touchdown.

4. Kobe Bryant = Tom Brady

Probably the easiest comparison of them all. “All they do is win win win no matter what”. Both of these guys are all about championships. They dominated their eras in ways that people say they could be the greatest of all-time. Kobe Bryant and Tom Brady are the same guy.

5. Stephen Curry = LeSean McCoy

Curry and McCoy have a certain flair about their games. They don’t  just score, they score with style. Their games are built on flash and brilliance. When you watch them play you can’t help but say “ooo” a couple of times. Similar style and similar attitudes make this a definite comparison.

6. James Harden (Kobe’s Starting Replacement) = Cam Newton

Harden just like Newton is finally getting the credit and exposure that they should have gotten already. Harden already plays like a football player on the basketball court so it was hard to find someone that made sense to compare him to. But Harden is the quarterback of the Rockets and just like Newton leads his team most often times single handedly to victories. Harden has become a star in this league and he and Newton both have very bright futures.

1. Lebron James = Calvin Johnson/Adrian Peterson

Lebron is the most dominant player in the NBA. He is so dominant i had to combine the two most dominant players in the NFL to equal his greatness. Lebron’s comparison could be Lebron if he chose to play football but since he is solely a basketball player for now his comparison is AD and Megatron.

2. Carmelo Anthony = Drew Brees

Like Brees, Anthony is a scoring machine. Brees and the Saints basically don’t have a running game and they don’t need one. They just give it to Brees and let’er rip! Very similar to how the Knicks treat Anthony, they just get out of his way and let him operate.

3. Kyrie Irving = Robert Griffin III

Irving is probably the best PG in basketball right now but he’s crippled by being on a terrible team. Just a year ago people were saying RGIII could be the next best quarterback in football. Of course he was injured but this past year even a healthy Griffin couldn’t have saved that excuse of a team. Irving and Griffin may need to look elsewhere if they want to be considered elite when it comes to wins because their current situations will not give them playoff victories.

4. Dwayne Wade = Eli Manning

Eli Manning will probably be a Hall of Famer. Eli Manning has won championships. It’s undeniable that he’s a great quarterback yet still some people’s perception is that Eli is an average quarterback. Wade will probably be a Hall of Famer. Wade has won championships. Wade is sometimes in the shadow of the greatness of Lebron and his own greatness is not recognized because of it. Eli is in the shadow of his older brother Peyton, even though he’s won more championships than him. I didn’t pick Lebron as Peyton Manning but the comparison of Wade and Manning just makes sense.

5. Paul George = Dez Bryant

George like Bryant are coming into their own as a star player. Dez is on his way to possibly being the best Cowboy receiver of all-time. George may be making a similar mark in Indiana  and could be the best Pacer of all-time. I could also compare George to a defensive player because of how great his defense is but I like the comparison to Dez. Plus i had to throw a Cowboy in here.

Enjoy the game!

Thanks for reading.

Will update with pictures but for some reason the pics weren’t working.


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