Fox Football Sunday Review

Defense wins?… Championships!

The Seattle Seahawks put on a dominating display of brute strength and force as they destroyed the Denver Broncos Sunday in a very entertaining game. The final score was 43-8 but the game was pretty much in hand at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. That’s when Percy Harvin took a kick return 87 yards and scored a touchdown. After the extra point the score was 29-0 and the writing was on the wall for Denver.


The stories during Super Bowl XLIX were very intriguing but none more intriguing than Peyton Manning’s legacy. Many believed that the season record holder for passing yards and touchdowns, 5-time MVP winner, Super Bowl champion and Super Bowl MVP still needed one more Super Bowl victory to solidify his legacy.

Peyton Manning is arguably the best quarterback ever. He has the stats, the wins, and the longevity. He’s been at this for 16 years and shows no signs of slowing down. So how is it that arguably the best quarterback of all-time couldn’t get his offense going on this day? Did Manning choke? Are the Seahawks really that good?

After watching the game last night, the consensus is the latter. This Seahawks defense was built for glory. They have prototype athletes at every position. Every single one of them is where they are supposed to be on every play and from the linebackers to the defensive backs they all have great ball skills. There was nothing Manning and the Broncos could do differently as they seemingly tried all of their plays. They tried pick plays, screens, draws, and deep throws. Nothing seemed to work.

What made this Seahawks defense great on this day was not their ability to stop every Manning Omaha audible but the fact that they were able to force turnovers. Stripping the ball, pressuring the quarterback, intercepting the ball, the Seahawks defenders were all over the field shutting down all Broncos attacks.

Manning should not be judged off of this one game though. He has proved that he can read any defense and has his team in contention mostly every year he’s played. The fact that he’s even been in three super bowls (two with the Colts and one with Denver) is an accomplishment on its own. To say that he needed one more to solidify his legacy is really unfair. Football is the ultimate team sport. Out of 32 NFL teams only one holds up the trophy each year. It takes the whole team to win it all and although Manning wasn’t his best, no one on the Bronco’s could say they played well on Sunday.

As for the victors, Pete Carroll and company are already gearing up for next season. He has said that this team will enjoy the victory but this isn’t the end. He’s right. This team is built to be contenders for a long time. With most of their stars still on rookie scaled contracts the Seahawks still have plenty wiggle room to add even more talent to this team. Carroll joins Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer as the only coaches to win a Super Bowl and a college National Championship.

The Legion of Boom earned their nickname and may be the greatest defensive unit ever assembled. Led by Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, and Kam Chancellor this defense puts the fear into opposing teams hearts on the field. The outspoken Sherman shut all of his critics up on Sunday after that ugly beat down. I wonder if people will still dislike him? Or has he earned the love and praise he deserves? Questions that will soon be answered as their is not much else to talk about since the season is sadly over. Also…

Marshawn Lynch finally spoke! Well not with words but… he spoke through dance! Check out this link below.

The game was great but the festivities didn’t stop with just football. Bruno Mars stole the show with his JB esque halftime show with special guest The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Although I like them I didn’t really see a need for them to perform Sunday night but still an excellent performance it was. Did y’all know Bruno could play the drums? That was amazing.

Also the commercials were very good. I’m sure the media has already been going on and on about their favorites and I also would like to share my favorite. The ad that won me over was the Coca-Cola ad entitled “It’s Beautiful”. The commercial starts out with the song America the Beautiful sung in English, then it transforms into many different languages. America is a country that is very diverse and has people from all over the world inhabiting it. This commercial represented that diversity in 60 seconds and made me proud of the country that i live in. Well done Coca-Cola. Well done.

Just in case you missed it.



The party wasn’t over after the Super Bowl either. What came next was the probably the best moment in TV history. Prince was on Fox’s New Girl and he didn’t disappoint. He was witty, comical, suave, and entertaining. Prince has proved over the years that he can do whatever he wants. Acting. (Purple Rain = one of the greatest movies ever). Singing. (one of the greatest singers of all-time). And making pancakes?

New Girl and Prince blatantly made a play off of Dave Chappelle’s Prince sketch done on Chappelle’s show, Chappelle’s Show. By cooking up a batch of Prince’s world famous pancakes Sunday night. In the old sketch Charlie Murphy tells a story of Prince and how Prince beat him at basketball. Then after it was all over he made them pancakes. New Girl cleverly used this joke in their show and it was hilarious. But it does make me wonder.. Does Prince really have an enthusiasm for flapjacks?

I’m a little young to know all of his music but who wouldn’t want to eat the best breakfast food with Prince aka The Most Interesting Man in the World?



Prince can also be seen at the end of the show playing ping pong with CeCe (the show’s hottest cast member). Prince always gets the hottest girl for some reason. Man that guy is really cool somehow.

Here’s a link to the Chappelle Prince sketch.—prince

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