Dallas Cowboys Vent #1

Being a Dallas Cowboys fan is not easy. Being a Boys’ fan is stressful. Being a Boys’ fan is heartache year after year. Being a Boys’ fan is supporting the highest valued NFL franchise but having to watch a team that’s the definition of mediocrity. (8-8 regular season record the last three seasons). Being a Boys’ fan is embarrassing.


The great Randy Galloway once said on his radio show, “The Dallas Cowboys will never be great again until Jerry Jones dies… But Jerry will outlive us all.”

Is Jerry Jones really the problem?… or is it Bill Callahan?

The Dallas Cowboys have made local headlines recently with the possibility of replacing Bill Callahan as head play caller with Scott Linehan, former Offensive Coordinator of the Detroit Lions. Linehan’s the guy responsible for Calvin “Megatron” Johnson’s career game against the Cowboys earlier this season.

In order to make this move the Cowboys are once again admitting that their play calling needs help for a second consecutive season. I have some advice for Linehan if he’s hired and wants to succeed at play-calling unlike Callahan.

Run the football.

Pro Bowl:

Last night’s Pro Bowl was the best it’s been in years. The legends Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders turned the game into a real all star game. The fantasy football format was interesting and with the recent popularity of the fantasy football this was a really smart move by the NFL. More importantly the element of fun seemed to be back and the guys were enjoying every minute of the festivities. Players were flying to the football, players were taking out fellow teammates, and there was a female streaker.

(Although I wouldn’t qualify her as streaking because she had on a bikini and a cape.)


The most exciting play of the game was towards the end of the game when Demarco Murray had to put on his cape and save the day. Murray caught a pass coming across the middle, turned it up the field and scored the game saving touchdown for Team Rice. Team Rice then went for two and won the football game.

Demarco Murray has become not only one of the premier backs in the NFL but also one of its clutch players. The touchdown in the Pro Bowl was very similar to the late touchdown scored against the Redskins in week 16 of the regular season which kept the Cowboys season alive and gave them a chance to make the playoffs.

So my advice to Linehan or whomever calls plays for the Cowboys next season…

Run the football.


Feature Murray as much as possible.

Observations from Pro Bowl 2014: 

Cam Newton to Dez Bryant = Multiple Championships.

Tyron Smith couldn’t block J.J. Watt. (in all fairness Smith was out of position by playing Right Tackle instead of Left Tackle.)

Demarco Murray is the Cowboys second best offensive weapon.

The Dallas Cowboys need better players.

Newton to Bryant: 

The connection of the two is something that any franchise would love to have, but is it possible?

Cam Newton if not extended in the upcoming season will be a free agent in next years offseason. The Panthers have already gone on record saying that they think Cam is their franchise quarterback and that they want to get a long-term deal done. Cam has gone on record saying he would love to stay in Carolina and build a dynasty. So the following is just a dream scenario and one that would take some magic to pull off.

Dream Scenario:

Deion Sanders was the leader of Team Sanders in the Pro Bowl last night which consisted of two players in particular. Newton and Bryant. This was an interesting selection because it was Sanders who got Bryant in trouble with the NCAA during Bryant’s college career. Bryant was suspended in 2009 for not fully disclosing information about a meeting held between the two. Bryant has put the incident behind him and has simply balled the past few seasons.

Then you have Cam Newton. Not too long ago it was Newton in the middle of investigations from the NCAA and the media loved to hate this guy. He’s a guy that like Dez shed his “bad guy” image and has become a star in this league.

Sounds like a match made in heaven, right?

Cam Newton is a star. Dez Bryant is a star. Together they can be the stars of stars with a star on their helmet. They could be the Lebron James and Dwayne Wade of the NFL. It’d be a marketing dream for Jerry and you’d finally have some star power behind center, which has been missing since Troy Aikman retired. Don’t get me wrong Tony Romo is really good. But he’s not a star player.

What it means for Romo?

Traded. Or Cut.

Love the guy but if you have a chance to get Cam Newton then you have to get rid of him.


Cam Newton for QB of the Dallas Cowboys!

Man how did we even get to that…. Well thanks for reading 🙂

I entitled this “Dallas Cowboys Vent #1” because i’m sure there will be many more.


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