The Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014

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In today’s installment i’ve taken a break from traditional column writing and decided to do more of an entertaining piece for you all today. So welcome to….

“The Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014.”

Due to Russell Wilson’s recent success and most notably leading the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl this article had to happen. If Seattle wins Wilson will become only the second black quarterback to win a Super Bowl since Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins did it in 1987.

But Wilson is only half black. Should he only receive half of the achievement?

I actually came across someone who said this and it kind of irked me. Since when did it matter if you were half black in America? All partly black people are labeled as black. Now is this a flawed way of thinking? Quite possibly. But that’s a whole different article. 😉 *coming soon*

Anywho, that conversation helped me come up with a way to honor those I deem worthy of being named “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014.” Keep in mind that this is my list and who you think is worthy may not have cracked my list. The qualifications are quite simple. You must be a light skinned black male and be awesome.

5. Russell Wilson.


Obviously he cracked the list as he started this whole blog. As mentioned earlier Russell Wilson has already made the list of black quarterbacks to start and play in the Super Bowl. A list consisting of Doug Williams, Donovan McNabb, Colin Kaepernick, and himself. But now he has a chance to separate himself from two of those names. What may be even more important for the young quarterback is that his team the Seahawks have never won a Super Bowl. He could be the biggest thing to that city since Gary Payton was throwing alley-oops to Shawn Kemp. Not only does he carry himself like a leader on the field but also off the field the guy just seems like an All-American human being. Have you ever seen him in an interview? The guy has nerves of steel. And for that I honor him with the 5th spot on the “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014”.

4. Stephen Curry


My love for basketball is the reason Curry tops Wilson in this years list but a Super Bowl victory for Wilson could make me change my pick. But for now Stephen Curry comes in at number 4 on this years “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014” list. Stephen Curry son of NBA shooting legend Dell Curry has become a shooting legend of his own. If he continues with what he’s been doing for the past year for the rest of his career then he will be a sure fire Hall of Famer. Stephen Curry is currently 7th in the NBA in scoring, 2nd in assists, and 3rd in three pointers made. He’s on his way to make his first all-star appearance and leads a Golden State team that looks poised for a playoff run. Curry has become a Star in the NBA and when you look at the top NBA point guards it’s hard to argue that anyone is outplaying young Steph.

3. Drake


But Drake don’t play sports!!!?????? *says angry reader*

Yes this is a sports blog but the title of this list is not “Top 5 Light Skinned Athletes of 2014.” No. It’s “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014.”

Drake’s most recent performance came on America’s favorite show “SNL” this past week. And lets just say he should be a regular on the show. The guy has the charisma of a young Sidney Pottier and the quick wit of a Will Smith. Say what you want about his music but the man can flat out entertain.

His music is what people recognize him by and you can’t have Drake at number 3 on the “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014”, without mentioning it. His most recent album “Nothing Was The Same” total sales are close to 1,500,000 as of today and are still growing. In an age where most people download albums for free this is a really big deal. Drake has created a brand that if now he decided to quit he’d still be a music legend. That’s why I have him coming in at number 3 on this year’s edition of “Top 5 Light Skinned Brothers of 2014.”

2. Barack Obama



And your number 1 Light Skinned Brother of 2014 is….

1. Jeremy Bright


That’s right! I made myself the top light skinned brother! It’s my blog and i’ll do what i want. Plus since this is the first and most likely only “Top Light Skinned Brother” award blog then it’s only fitting that the creator/MC gets to be the best.

That was fun 🙂

Can you count how many times I used the Title (“Top Light Skinned Brothers of 2014”) in the story?

Thanks for reading…

Back to sports next post!


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