The Gruden Conspiracy


As with everything in the universe everything said or done by any man must eventually come back to the Cowboys. The latest to fall into this category is the Redskins hiring of Jay Gruden. Why did they hire him? Was he really the best available option for the job? Is he really an upgrade over a former Super Bowl Champion coach? Did Daniel Snyder confuse Jay with his brother Jon and sign the wrong guy?

Whatever the reasoning, here we are in the midst of the playoffs talking about the Redskins. Will Gruden use the once explosive RGIII correctly and allow him to reach his full potential as a Quarterback? Hey, he made Andy Dalton into an above average quarterback, maybe he’ll turn RGIII into a Super Bowl winning quarterback. (*semi-sarcasm*)

It’s hard to imagine that Snyder confused Jay with his brother but could Jon even have turned this Redskin bunch into a real contender?

It was just a season ago when RGIII was supposed to be the best of the new wave of Quarterbacks. He headlined a trio consisting of Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson and himself. Now just a season later he’s being written off as a bust by some. But the majority still feel he can regain his place among the elite and the Redskins hope it will be with Jay Gruden.

What does any of this have to do with the Dallas Cowboys besides having to play a new coach for a division rival twice next year?


A year ago Monte Kiffin was brought in to fix the Cowboys defense and convert a 3-4 system into a 4-3 Tampa 2 styled defense. This was a strange hiring as Rob Ryan seemed to have a decent control over a very non-talented defense and deserved to keep his job. Whatever the case Jerry didn’t feel Rob could successfully switch his scheme and he brought in “old man” Kiffin to fix this lowly defense.

Now understand that this is just for the sake of a good conspiracy. I have no knowledge on whether the following is true but I firmly believe that this could’ve been exactly what happened.

Monte Kiffin was brought in so that Jerry Jones wouldn’t be the oldest member of the Cowboys staff any longer.

While this is fact, this is not the Gruden Conspiracy. The Gruden Conspiracy is that Monte Kiffin was brought in to entice Jon Gruden to step out of the broadcasting booth and save a Cowboys dynasty that is slowly dwindling with every losing season.


Look at how happy they are.

Kiffin was Gruden’s defensive coordinator when the Buccaneers won the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys ultimate plan was to give Jason Garrett one more year. One more year to see if the Cowboys could surpass mediocrity. Dan Snyder wanted to hire Jon Gruden this offseason but Jon’s people told Snyder’s people that Jon would only come back for one team and one team only. Using common sense Snyder knew who Jon’s people were talking about and suddenly devised a plan. A plan so genius that no one would see it coming. Instead of hiring Jon we can hire his kid brother. Jon will definitely not want to come back now and have to play against his brother twice a year. If we can’t have him, neither can the Cowboys. Plan executed!

Jon will now stay put as his job is as good as it gets. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t want to work with Mike Tirico? (He’s the best of all-time)


Poor. Poor. Jerry Jones.


Now for the Cowboys it’s really Jason Garrett or blow it up. Their plan B is now off the board for at least the next two seasons.

I propose another alternative for the Cowboys. One that will make everything right for Jerry and for the whole fan base. A hiring that would make the Cowboys an instant contender and would get every Cowboy fan back on Jerry’s side.

Jimmy for GM?!


It’s fun to dream… Isn’t it?




Feature Story: Dirk Nowitzki. Coming soon…

Thanks for reading..


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